Hey, guys! It's Beemer! Sorry I haven't been on since about a year ago. Been really busy with school and all. But I'm finally glad to be back on. 
Anyways, if you look through some of my posts, I made a list of the Top 10 Worst Disney Shows, entirely based on my opinion. As of this year, that list is outdated, because most of the shows on that list have now gone off the air or were cancelled (Fish Hooks, THANK GOD!). I've decided to make another one. 
Also, I've changed my opinions on some shows. READ THIS NOW: Please do not hate me if you do not agree with me. This is my personal opinion, and if you'd like to say what you want to say, you have your own user blog for that. Feel free to comment some reasoning below.
#10 - Phineas and Ferb - I knew I grew up with this show (I was six when it first went on the air. I'm now thirteen), but the plots are getting kind of cheesy. I hate to say this, because this show has a special place in my heart. I personally think that they're running out of ideas or inspiration. I just hope this show doesn't go off the air. This is all I have left of my childhood.
#9 - Dog With a Blog - If this show wasn't centered on a talking dog, which that plot element is pretty much now useless, this would be another Good Luck Charlie: high ratings, award-winning, always nominated, top-notch acting, and actually FUNNY jokes. I'm already happy with how this show is, but I feel maybe they can do just a teeny bit better.
#8 - Mighty Med - I understand that Disney bought on Marvel, but this show is just so cheesy! I mean, first things first, they could've done a better job with the casting, because recycling their old actors was just stupid. Second of all, it's pretty much exactly like the Smurfs: they have their own world hidden off, and then they have another world where anything's sunshine and rainbows! Ugh! MY GOD, this show is so annoying. 
#7 - Wander Over Yonder - Disney, I'm sorry, but I expected more. From the pilot to now, this show is completely confusing me. Everything's all this, then that, then this, then that, then this, then that. It's got me all over the place. Oh, not to mention, I don't even know half of the characters' names. 
#6 - Kickin' It - It just got stupider after Alex Christian Jones and Olivia Holt left the show for bigger projects. I'm extremely surprised that this show is still running, because the two funny characters on the show moved on to other projects. And I know Olivia's on I Didn't Do It, which is actually decent, but she was equally decent when she was on this show. I thought that Jack and Kim had more potential and that they could actually become a couple (I could see it now: Kack!), but what could've been will never be.
#5 - Liv & Maddie - Another cheesy Disney show with the cheesy actors, the cheesy jokes, and the cheesy famous teenager plotline. If you're going to have a show about twins, WHY NOT HIRE ACTUAL TWINS? The show is actually reasonable, in my opinion, but those kind of things are what send it down the drain for me. 
#4 - The 7D - The characters are so stupid. I don't understand this show one bit. Disney XD is pretty much a channel for boys (DON'T HATE ME FOR SAYING THAT), and their lame attempt to attract girls with a Snow White-theming was a horrible idea.
#3 - Ultimate Spider-Man - Sorry, Marvel enthusiasts, but never liked superheroes much. I think that Iron Man and Captain America are pretty cool, but I haven't seen one Spider-Man movie, so you never know, my opinion might change, but for now, this is what it is.
#2 - Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - Never liked this show. Never will. Still reminds me of a horrendous American Dragon knockoff about a high school ninja. They still have the cheesy plots, the cheesy jokes, the stupid plot elements which are the cherry on top of my hate sundae. And then, "WHAT THE JUICE". More like "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS DISNEY XD DOING STILL PRODUCING THIS SHOW?!". This show deserves a cancellation within a few years. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the cancellation was announced tomorrow.
#1 - Austin and Ally - WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN!? THIS SHOW IS HORRENDOUS. It's the same cheesy jokes, the same cheesy actors, and the same, STUPID, ANNOYING cheesy famous teenager plotline that makes me hate this show for the same reasons I hate Liv & Maddie. THIS SHOW GETS MORE CREDIT THEN IT REALLY DESERVES! Was this show meant for Disney Junior but it accidentally found its way on Disney Channel? BECAUSE I'M STARTING TO BELIEVE IT! Let's begin, shall we? Ross Lynch, who is the famous internet sensation turned pop star Austin Moon thinks the whole world revolves around him. He acts just like a five-year-old girl: whining about the stupidest things in the world. (OH, NO! I LOST MY SWAG! OH, NO! THE WORLD-FAMOUS SILVER SLIPPERS WON'T COME OFF AND I PERFORM FOR OBAMA IN TWO HOURS! OH, NO! I'M IN COURT NOW BECAUSE ALLY'S OLD TALENT MANAGER IS RIPPING ME OFF! OH, NO!) He is a terrible influence on children, making them think that it's okay to be self-centered and arrogant. Laura Marano, MY GOD. Remember that scene where Ursula takes away Ariel's voice? It reminds me of THAT, only it sounds like she's choking. Either she's really like that or she accepted the worst role in Disney history. She overprioritizes, her reactions are terrible, and every word she mutters makes me want to gag. Raini Rodriguez is one of the only decent actors on this show, but her lesson is to teach kids to slack off and be lazy? CONGRATS, DISNEY! THANKS FOR TEACHING OUR GENERATION TO BE LAZY! And finally, Calum Worthy's character can be sort've senseful at times, but half of the time, he's dumber than a post. And then they always bring Chuck in for some stupid contest, and they fight. It's the same plotlines all over again! Why in the world was this show renewed for a fourth season? It's terrible, and I don't get why its rating is a 7.1. It should be a .1! 

Thanks for reading this! Again, don't hate me if a show you like is on the list. It's like what I said about Spiderman: maybe if I watch it enough it will change my opinion. However, my opinion on Austin and Ally will not change. Thanks!!!!!!

- Beemerboyz803