Hi! I'm Beemerboyz803, but call me Beemer. In my opinion, these are the top 10 worst Disney shows. Don't insult me. This is my opinion (I know some of you will disagree with 1).

  1. 10 - Jessie - Jessie could do better and is a bit okay, but I hate the fact that Mr. Kipling turned into Mrs. Kipling.
  1. 9 - ANT Farm - ANT Farm is okay, but it could do better. I don't like Angus that much, and most of the jokes don't make sense.
  1. 8 - Austin and Ally - Austin and Ally could do better. I don't know what some of the jokes mean, and I don't understand Dez. It weirdifies the show.
  1. 7 - Fish Hooks - I'm guessing this show is running out of the material, because these episodes aren't good anymore. I mean, Milo falling in love with a milkshake? What is the purpose of that?
  1. 6 - TRON: Uprising - I don't really like the Tron franchise, because it is hard to understand and I'm not that interested in stuff like this.
  1. 5 - Motorcity - From the minute I saw the commercial, I was completely annoyed by this show. I don't get anything, the show's very confusing, and the episodes feel long to me.
  1. 4 - My Babysitter's a Vampire - It doesn't make much sense, it's confusing, and basically the boy who gets the visions makes it a bit of a That's So Raven knockoff.
  1. 3 - Ultimate Spiderman - Sorry, but I don't like superheroes or Avengers too much.
  1. 2 - Mr. Young - Never seen anything so boring like this. The jokes don't make any sense and the show is pointless.

And my absolutely, least favorite Disney show of all time is RANDY CUNNINGHAM!

  1. 1 - Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja - I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT THIS SHOW IS TOTALLY ANNOYING. Three words make me hate this show: WHAT THE JUICE? Shnasty, what the juice, and it's basically an American Dragon: Jake Long knockoff. Disney already has a ninja/dragon person. Instead of what the juice, WHY IS THIS SHOW SO ANNOYING?

Please don't hate me. I'm just showing my opinion. You can comment about my list if you want, but this is my opinion. Bye!