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  • Beemerboyz803
    Hey, guys! It's Beemer! Sorry I haven't been on since about a year ago. Been really busy with school and all. But I'm finally glad to be back on. 
    Anyways, if you look through some of my posts, I made a list of the Top 10 Worst Disney Shows, entirely based on my opinion. As of this year, that list is outdated, because most of the shows on that list have now gone off the air or were cancelled (Fish Hooks, THANK GOD!). I've decided to make another one. 
    Also, I've changed my opinions on some shows. READ THIS NOW: Please do not hate me if you do not agree with me. This is my personal opinion, and if you'd like to say what you want to say, you have your own user blog for that. Feel free to comment some reasoning below.
    Anyways, here's the list! …
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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hi, everyone! It's Beemerboyz803, but feel free to call me Beemer. Most of you don't know me on this Wikia because I rarely go on this Wikia. I'm busy with other ones.

    So anyways, I've been seeing a lot of Facebook and Instagram posts going towards the new Disney Channel shows. I agree. Disney Channel has aired too many singing and dancing shows. And most of the main characters are girls. They should have more animated shows because Phineas and Ferb will come to an end in 2014. Just think about it: Shake it Up is about two female dancers, Liv and Maddie is about a competitive girl who's famous sister is moving back in, and ANT Farm is about a school for gifted people and the main character is a female musical prodigy. 

    I am proposing an idea…

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  • Beemerboyz803

    Hi! I'm Beemerboyz803, but call me Beemer. In my opinion, these are the top 10 worst Disney shows. Don't insult me. This is my opinion (I know some of you will disagree with 1).

    1. 10 - Jessie - Jessie could do better and is a bit okay, but I hate the fact that Mr. Kipling turned into Mrs. Kipling.
    1. 9 - ANT Farm - ANT Farm is okay, but it could do better. I don't like Angus that much, and most of the jokes don't make sense.
    1. 8 - Austin and Ally - Austin and Ally could do better. I don't know what some of the jokes mean, and I don't understand Dez. It weirdifies the show.
    1. 7 - Fish Hooks - I'm guessing this show is running out of the material, because these episodes aren't good anymore. I mean, Milo falling in love with a milkshake? What is the purpose of that?
    1. 6…

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