The First Victim is the first episode in the Gassy Original Series, the Thrill Chronicles, a musical drama, thriller, and supernatural story starring Timothy, (Billy Lewis Jr) a psychopathic makeup artist who teams up with Ivy (Vanessa Hudgens), a wendigo, to ruin children's dreams by poisioning them and severely assualting them. However, there are other additions to the cast; such as Turtle (Alexander Ludwig) a passioni and a patholgical liar who's the youngest of the group and Imogen (Aja Naomi King) a seer and geeky aspiring writer who had dreams crushed by her idol and knows her way around a gun. However, because of Ivy's keen game-playing skills, they have a mad-man, BillBill Eatin (Benedict Cumberbatch) a demon after them who hates anyone asscioated with Ivy becasue of her not letting him have a turn in 'Two Truths and a Lie'. And because of Billy's sadistic nature, they also have Marilyn (Stefanie Scott) a 11 year old girl with superior powers after them as well. 


Timothy, a 17-year-old male obsessed with makeup, finally gets the chance to show his sociopathic side once a customer doesn't bite their tongue. But what happens when his plan goes all wrong and instead he's picked up by someone who's scarier then he could ever be? Pure madness. Just like he enjoys.


Timothy, or 'Timmy Timmy TimBear' as I jokingly called him, was an intern at MAC. As he had told me before, he had this specific interest in makeup that his parents couldn't fulfill. When his father had asked him to get him the silver lipstick from MAC, he got a MAC Burger covered in glitter. They knew nothing about makeup.. and he couldn't live with people like that. People so ignorant concerning makeup and the beautiful world of fashion. And then he ran away. Of course, to him, running away was cliche. It was the fairy princess of the way to leave your parents. He had an internship at MAC to complete; it had started yesterday.

One day at his 'precious' internship; he of course, cared more about makeup and the spotlight more than our relationship.. getting of topic, am I? Anyways, he spotted a girl. The girl was extremely short; blonde locks did in a ballet bun, soft but fierce pink eyeshadow that just seemed to stand out. Lavender lipstick was subtlety laid on her face, like the opacity on a picture was set to 40% and she had contour on her face. He always said she looked like a barbie doll of some sort.. the emo version. Thomas thought of her as competition. He was the Evil Queen in this Snow White story. 

"Hi, Hunny, what would you like, a side of blonde weave with that makeup?" He spoke snappily at the 14 year old, causing some of the customers to clap for him.

"No, I think that you'd have too much on your hands. I'm not a Primadonna!" The 14 year old spoke back, snapping at the makeup artist. The mother of the 'innocent' child stepped in, trying to defend her child but Timothy stopped her. 

"Ma'm, this is for professionals. So get your 'honey booboo don't need no man' child out of here, or some serious stuff is about to go down." He said, twisting his neck like Judge Judy.

"Anyways, I need some mascara. Will your minimum wage self handle that?" The girl had stated. I had honestly forgotten her name by this point.. But I think he had jokingly called her 'Marilyn'.

"Only if your dumb blonde self can know how to put it on. "OH! MOMMY! THE BLACK THING GOT STUCK IN MY EYELASH!" He mimicked, causing his coworkers to pat him on the back.

A truly evil smile crept up to Timothy's face. Ever since he was a little kid, he had a desire to truly, deeply, punish those who opposed him. And now, as a 17-year old, he had a chance to do that. Grabbing the nearest salty beans, he blended them, liquefying the food before freezing it for a nice 10 minutes.

"Timothy! The blonde girl's impatient!"  His manager had screamed, causing Timmy tor roll his eyes. Soon she can't even put on lipstick. He thought, smirking to himself.

"I'm coming!" He screamed in a happy tone, though he was exactly very angry, as you could tell by his face. Tim finally added jet black dye and kneaded it together, adding the beans into the newest mascara container. He slowly walked into the main room, giving Marilyn the mascara. "Let me assist you in putting that on." He said in a sickly sweet tone, ignoring her protests and basically shoving her into the bathroom.

"Honestly.. I'm sorry I was mean to you. I was just jealous because you're so experienced with makeup, a lot of people are personally attracted to you, you have a great personality, you seem like you have a full family." Marilyn spoke genuinely, tears flowing from her eyes. Timothy chuckled at this statement. 

"OOh honey.. You think that I could possibly care for your silly little statements? See, life is about three things; fashion, money, and appearance." Timothy spoke, a huge grin on his face. "Girls, come in!"

Hushed whispers filled the still bathroom.  Timothy went to lock the employee bathroom, then starting to snap as he fiercely posed, somewhat like Beyonce. He continued to move in a feminine manner, showing his bright pink nails proudly. He started to sing in a raspy tone. 

(Italic or normal text is Marilyn, bold is Timmy, and in parenthesis is the out-of-nowhere back up singers)

Money is the anthem to success so before we go out, what's your address?

(Money is the anthem, to success so before we go out, what's your address?)

I'm your national anthem,

God you're so handsome

Take me to the Hamptons,  Bugatti Veryon

Marilyn looked very confused, her eyes narrowing. What was he trying to teach her? However, Timothy had smirked at her, mouthing the words Sing Along as he danced along to the song, giving his shoulders a teasing shimmy.

He loves to romance them

Reckless abandon

Holdin' me for ransom

Upper echelon

Tim shuddered and rolled his eyes at the blonde diva's nasal voice, as well as her dance moves, which were just flaming balls of cringe. However, he put on his kind face and meekly smiled at her, doing more complicated dance moves to make sure Marilyn couldn't catch up, however.. it just pursued her to be the 2nd version of honey boo boo. 

He says to be cool but 

I don't know how yet

Wind on my hair

(Hand on the back of my neck I said, can we party later on?)

He said yes, yes, yes!

Tell me I'm your National Anthem

(Oh, yeah, baby)

Bow down

Making me so (wow, wow) 

Tell me I'm your National Anthem

Sugar, sugar (how now)

Take your body (downtown)

Tim sighed. It wasn't any day he got a psychopathic opportunity like this, so he had to play it right.  He slowly sunk his nails into Marilyn's wrist, but making sure not to injure her too much. There was a specific plan, first. He was patiently waiting for the interlude - he couldn't stand her kids bop like voice and gangster dance moves any longer. Sure, he was a thirsty guy - thirsty for children's dreams to be crushed of course - but he wouldn't wait this long.. Or would he?

Red, white, blue's in the sky

Summer's in the air

And baby heaven's in your eyes!

(I'm your) 

National Anthem

(Money is the reason we exist)

Everybody knows it

It's a fact

Kiss kiss

Tim continued to sway to the music, tapping his hands softly as his nails came out as claws. God, he waited for the day that she couldn't put on makeup anymore. That smug look would be wiped off her face because well, she wouldn't even know who she was looking at! A maniacal chuckle almost escaped his lips, but he stopped it before Marilyn could notice anything. However, her eyes were a bit narrow at his facial expression.

(I sing the National Anthem)

While I'm standing over your body

Hold you like a python

(And you can't keep your hands) off me, or your pants

On, see what you've done to me

King of Chevron 

He said to be cool

But I'm already coolest

(I said to get real Don't you know who you're) dealing with?

Um, do you think you'll buy me lots of diamonds?

Timothy was doing a charitable and generous thing, or at least he was to him. Timothy wasn't going to sink his claws in just yet. She needed to know the basics first - that's like killing somebody without them first knowing your motive. She needed to know the basics before she got hospitalized. He hoped he'd already been across the country by then. Sure, in some cases it's impossible to get away with a crime. But Timothy was the master of insanity and logic.. he would obviously figure it out.

Tell me I'm your National Anthem

(Oh, yeah, baby)

Bow down

Making me so (wow, wow) 

Tell me I'm your

National Anthem

Sugar, sugar (how now)

Take your body (downtown)

Red, white, blue's in the sky

Summer's in the air, and baby

(Heaven's in your eyes)

I'm your national anthem!

Money is the anthem of success

So put on mascara, and your party dress

Timothy slowly started to apply the mascara to Marilyn's eyelashes, making sure the mascara wand would successfully poke her right in her pupils. And of course it did.

"What are you doing?" Marilyn asked fearfully, slowly cowering in fear as her hands trembled, the rest of her body slightly shaking. 

"Oh, honey.. I'm very vindictive." Was all that Timothy said, before shoving the mascara wand into Marilyn's pupil, though not too hard that it gets stuck. He loved torturing, but hated the stench and sight of blood. "I just taught you the basics before.. well, you know!" A girlish giggle escaped his mouth, before making sure both eyes were covered in salt and beans that he had previously spit in. 

However, he hadn't noticed the backup singers and dancers screaming 'BLOODY MARY' at the top of their lungs, as well as the dead ringing of '911? What's Your Emergency?' Timothy couldn't suppress the rage that was coming through him. He grabbed one of their ugly Sprint phones (that was also a flip phone ew) and smashed it against the ground, the sound of glass shattering seeming to calm him.                                                                                                                                                                                  The bumps in the road slowly woke Timothy up, one by one. Slowly, opening his eyes, he wondered how he was in here. Having previously checked his watch, it had been two hours since those stupid, short legged performers had gotten the best of him and called the police after his assault on Marilyn. "They probably went for bloody Mary's too." He had muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"

Timothy let out a banshee-like sonic scream, his abdomen trembling. He slowly saw (and gaped at) the bleeding cut that struck across it, and he tasted copper on his ghostly pale skin. "Did you do this!" He yelled, red with anger. However, he shrieked at the mysterious girl turning into a monster creature with scars.

"No, girlie, I didn't. I didn't think you'd respond with such hostility with someone who just saved your life." She said, her temper raising. She smirked as she saw Timothy tremble back in fear. "What's your name?" She questioned, looking him over.

"T-Timothy." He spoke, slightly afraid of the humanoid creature. "Who - what are you?" He asked, biting his lip.

"You look innocent and afraid enough.." She drawled on, smirking at his fear of her. "Ivy. Just Ivy. Wendigo." She spoke, continuing to focus on the road, smiling as she saw a beige-colored mansion that looked as if it were a castle.

Timothy decided to not ask any questions regarding her species - he didn't need anymore future nightmares. "That's your house correct?" He quietly asked.

"You know.. I like you." She said, softly chuckling as he she turned her head to the side. "Very sorry for the hostility. Yes my name is Ivy. I'm a wendigo, which is a humanoid deer creature." She said, sighing as she kicked her jeep door open, smiling as the animals at her gate scurried off with a flick of her hand, thereby commanding them to leave.

Timothy grinned. "I always believed in supernatural creatures." He spoke softly. 

Ivy smiled as well, blinking her eyes a few times before calming herself and collapsing herself on the couch. "Okay; let me get straight to the point. You have a disdain for kids because of jealousy, or envy, or they made your life a living hell. So I want you to join my task force. We share the same hatred for those toddlers and-"

"Wait.. Wait.." Timothy spoke, interrupting Ivy. He chuckled loudly at Ivy's proposal. "Excuse me.. you want someone who hasn't even touched a door of a gym to help you fight whoever's fighting you? And to kill kids?" 

Ivy scratched her neck. "The person who is after me is a demon who gets kids to follow him. Plus, I didn't say that. I have no care for BillBill Eatin.. he's gonna try to kill me, then ultimately fail. Kids are heartless, demon creatures who annoy people with every girly sentence out of their innocent minds. Why would you not kill them?" She asked, smirking.

"I haven't even assaulted one kid. They're nice and lovable." He lied. Although Ivy did save him from a life in prison, he didn't know who this person was. 

"Yes.. coming from someone who tried to blind a kid by sticking salt in her pupil. Cut the crap, TimBear." She said, rolling her eyes at Timothy's obvious lie.

Ivy got up from the couch, putting her sleek black hair in a ponytail. "I have successfully wiped out kids from Harris County in Texas, a quarter of Australia, and Athens." She spoke in a tone that was on the border of intellectual and bragging. "Do you know how big Houston, Athens, and Australia are? You hate kids. So do I. Let's join forces." She said in an overly cliche tone.

Ivy got prepared for tears to fall from her face as she played this video of her best friend, brother, and boyfriend getting severely assaulted in the police station by kids on an extremely high sugar rush, grabbing a bat and beating what they thought to be a cupcake with a baseball bat.

All my friends are heathens take it slow  Wait for them to ask you who you know Please don't make any sudden moves You don't know they half of the abuse

She smirked as she danced around the Smart TV, singing those lyrics song softly as she wiped away her imaginary tears;  the graphic video being shown was actually just random strangers being mauled to death by an elephant.. But of course, the power of the internet always works. 

All my friends are heathens take it slow Wait for them to ask you who you know Please don't make any sudden moves You don't know the half of the abuse

She was shocked as the dark-haired sociopath joined in, holding his hand out to the wendigo. He slightly swayed his hips along to the beat, a smirk on his face as he finally spoke. "A deal's a deal, isn't it?" He questioned, winking at Ivy.

"Yeah. A deal is a deal." She repeated, taking Timothy's hand as their partnership began.  __________________________________________________________________________________________ Marilyn sat disoriented, shifting uncomfortably. The healing recipe would probably take days, weeks, even months to work; or she might just be permanently blind. Marilyn slowly started to open her eyes, however at most she could see was a dark shadow standing over her dominantly, almost like the person was going to kill her. "Who are you?" She croaked out, trying to reach the shadow's face.

"I'll tell you this," said the raspy voice. "I'm your healer; I'm the one who's going to avenge you." 

Song Title Original Artist Performers
National Anthem Lana Del Rey Timothy & Marilyn
Heathens Twenty One Pilots Ivy & Timothy

Stefanie Scott

Billy Lewis Jr Vanessa Hudgens Jeff Bridges
Marilyn Timothy Ivy Mysterious Voice