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    Elsa as a Villan

    June 25, 2014 by BattySoul

    Have you seen this?

    It made me wonder,what if the song Let It Go had not been presented?Would Elsa have been the villain?The answer:Probably.

    Elsa to me would have made a great villain with Hans as some kind of minion or sidekick disguised as a handsome prince in order make Anna fall in love with him but in the end break her heart.

    You might consider the movie less powerful and more obvious but I think it would've worked BETTER.As a villain,Elsa could turn the whole kingdom of Arendelle frozen like she did in the original film,but this time doing it on purpose.She could have full control of subjects and they would be powerless to stop her as she is the queen and has powers.

    Also,I want to see a Disney film were the protagonist and antagonist a…

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  • BattySoul

    I am going to post character bios for my Children of the Disney Princesses series that I'm working on,write fanfiction related to it and maybe review Disney films if I'm intrsted.Along with that I will post my thoughts on Disney characters.This was short and quick as just a heads up notice.

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