Today Disney shocked the fans with their news, who announced that the sequel to the biggest Disney animated movie will be made, aka Frozen! And yes, it'll be theartically released!!

Still i'm in shock, why Frozen ? In a year and few months, this movie already attracted the people and children to its lovely tune and songs (Let it Go), and it was not only praised by critics (89% on Rotten), but also made a sea of money (1.3$ Billion). During the time, like Ralph and recently Big Hero 6, the sequel of the movies were in talks and scripts were going to be made for it. But with today that Frozen 2 is officially in works, i want to share my opinion with you that Frozen doesn't deserve the sequel treatment. It should have went to Wreck-it-Ralph.

Well you ask me "why?" First of all, the massive success of Frozen can't be deined, i love the movie (so the people do) and the characters were written pefectly. But now i'm going to start with the reasons why i think a movie like Ralph deserved a sequel much more than Frozen: 

A) Frozen told the story perfectly that doesn't need to be spawned more

When you think of Frozen, it tells story of two sisters Anna and Elsa, their relationship, their back-story, how Elsa got her powers, their friendships with Olaf or Kristoff (if i'm not spelling his word wrong), and blah blah like every fairy tales.

The movie really looks like it has a one story to tell, and it ended the stand-alone story when the movie is over. The audience don't feel the universe of Frozen even wants to add another story, because the story was ended perfectly and nothing can be expanded/spawned, unless there be a short film like say what happen to the Frozen gang and characters after the movie's ending, like Tangled (short) and now Frozen Fever will do.

You see, Frozen's story-telling is finished and for the newly announced sequel, we can't guess what is next phase especially we know there's nothing to tell for Frozen universe.

However in other case, Wreck it Ralph just created a very big universe that can be explored with many kinds of Story-lines (imagine DC universe with any kinds of story with Batman, Superman, etc. or Marvel). Even if the story of Ralph turning into good guy was finished and he can be good in heart despite playing the villain role in Fix it Felix game, the ending replies that there's so much stuff that can be told. An animation based on video game universe is done for first time with Ralph, therefore with a lot of Video Game characters such as Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Nathan Drake, etc., you can add them to main story and make an original story. Or even there was a rumor of portable consoles plot with existence of different versions of Wreck-it Ralph, it's great to expand the universe and Wreck-it Ralph is kind of movie you can make tons of sequel of, and a big franchise for it.

B) Disney wants Frozen to be Money-grabber; no matter what story gets told

It's still interesting that Frozen made 1.3$ billion and surprisingly surpassed Toy Story 3 numbers (when it was the highest grossing animated film until Frozen), and Disney is not too idiot to not make another Frozen movie therefore Frozen universe can be a Cash-Grab franchise for Disney (like MCU nowadays).

While we know the sequel will be another big hit like first one, i've a fear Disney might not care about the story, as their goal be just making the film for only money.

On other side, Wreck-it Ralph didn't grab that much (478$ million). For sure, Disney choose Frozen over Ralph, for more money which is kinda true.


For now, i want to hear your opinion on it. Did Frozen deseve a sequel or something else should have deserved ? Thanks for reading.