• BatmanBaleLover

    Today Disney shocked the fans with their news, who announced that the sequel to the biggest Disney animated movie will be made, aka Frozen! And yes, it'll be theartically released!!

    Still i'm in shock, why Frozen ? In a year and few months, this movie already attracted the people and children to its lovely tune and songs (Let it Go), and it was not only praised by critics (89% on Rotten), but also made a sea of money (1.3$ Billion). During the time, like Ralph and recently Big Hero 6, the sequel of the movies were in talks and scripts were going to be made for it. But with today that Frozen 2 is officially in works, i want to share my opinion with you that Frozen doesn't deserve the sequel treatment. It should have went to Wreck-it-Ralph.

    Well you …

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