Members of the Disney Wiki, please disregard this blog post. It is made out of lack of a proper writing blog, and hopefully this will be the only time I have to do something like this.

This is a response to the review(s) left by Curryboh, posted on here since he doesn't have an account.

First off, thank you for reviewing, and especially for criticizing. It's refreshing and really quite exciting to have a legitimately critical review on this story. :) Thank you again.

Now, I understand your reservations with the predictability of this story (and totally understand the issues with your phone ;)), and I agree with some of the points you raised. Let me say this.

I totally get it if people aren't satisfied with how this story turned out. It's an unfortunate side-effect of taking four years to finish it--in other words, a lot changed about me and my writing over these years, and I regrettably built up for more payoff than I was planning. Could've used more suspense you say? Less cliches, you say? I'm with you there.

However, where I have to stand my ground is on the matter of angst and too much action. To be blunt, if you don't think Penny's separation from Emily and Emily's loss of Lightning was enough, then you and I have got nothing to say to each other. I also don't think I had an excessive amount of action, or underutilized other elements as a result. I never said this was a "Kiddie Story". The only reason it's rated T is for infrequent course language and some violence that's just beyond K+. I know you clarified, but I just couldn't see any romance in this story beyond the love that Penny and Adam rekindled, and even that's pretty decent.

All defensiveness aside, I'm not that great at writing humor. And back to the point about being clichéd... Yeah, that was kind of unavoidable for this. To quote Mindy, from the Network: "The girl's in danger. The dog saves her from the creepy English guy. We get it."

But in regard to Emily and Lightning's story, the overall story is predictable, but in depth I took a lot more time to develop it compared to the first several chapters. I'm really glad with how it turned out. Now, I'm not saying that you should feel bad for critiquing it. In fact, you should be happy! Yours are the first truly critical reviews I've had since JimmyRocket.

I totally get all that you're saying, and I once again thank you for all of it. I don't agree with all you said, but I know I'm not perfect and have PLENTY of room for improvement. These aspects are something I hope to work on in future stories, so this story has actually been a learning experience for me.