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  • My occupation is Whatever I make of it, I guess
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  • Bio Hello there! I am but a humble Star Wars nerd who is most content when there is a story to write or a Lego set to build.
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  • Bane7670

    Members of the Disney Wiki, please disregard this blog post. It is made out of lack of a proper writing blog, and hopefully this will be the only time I have to do something like this.

    This is a response to the review(s) left by Curryboh, posted on here since he doesn't have an account.

    First off, thank you for reviewing, and especially for criticizing. It's refreshing and really quite exciting to have a legitimately critical review on this story. :) Thank you again.

    Now, I understand your reservations with the predictability of this story (and totally understand the issues with your phone ;)), and I agree with some of the points you raised. Let me say this.

    I totally get it if people aren't satisfied with how this story turned out. It's an un…

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