Hello everyone, I would like to point out something which I'm sure most are unnaware. I am currenty a college student and for a class I had to write a paper comparing different retellings of a fairy tale. I chose Sleeping Beauty and in my research I learned something I hadn't before. When people ask for the original Sleeping Beauty tale they often reffer to the version by Charles Perrault written in 1697 and the even later retelling by the Grimm Brothers 1812. And they are what the wiki reffers to as well. However, in my research I discovered the truely original version.  The first story that can be counted as Sleeping Beauty is by an Italian man named Giambattista Basile in 1634.  Basile's version is called Sun, Moon and Talia or Sol, Luna e Talia and was originally published in the Pentamerone. Baslie's verison is actually quite different than the versions by the two later writers I mentioned and certainly different than the Disney version we all know in love. 

My concern is changing the articles, I have neither the time nor patience to fix all the articles relating to this, hence my reason behind this post.  I hope some of you will help me, and if even if you don't then you at least have an interesting piece of trivia. I would recomend reading the entire story (which can be found online) before editing the articles but I will give  a brief over view of the differences.

When Talia, aka Sleeping Beauty/ Aurora, is born her father sends for the wise men in his lands to predict her future.  The wise men all agree that she will be in great danger from a splinter of flax. 

As a resault, the King bans any spinning in his house.  However, one day, when Talia is 15 (approximetely) she looks outside to see an old woman spinning on a wheel.  Curious because she has never seen this before, she runs outside to see.  The old woman explains to her and as Talia picks up a spinter of flax sticks under her finger nail and she falls dead upon the ground. 

Grief stricken and heart broken the king doesn't have the heart to bury his daughter so he puts her up in the best room of his house and abondons the house and never returns. 

One day, a king (we would call him Prince Phillip) riding through the woods comes across the old house and climbs inside.  He finds Talia on a bed and tries to wake her, to no avail.  But as he is so stricken with her beauty he rapes her and after he is finshed, leaves. 

Nine months later she gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl.  Two faries come to guide the children to her breasts so that they may nurse.  But one day, one child could not find their mother's nipple and mistakenly suckles on her finger. 

Coincidently, the finger the child suckled on was the one in which Talia had gotten the splinter stuck under and as the child sucked the splinter came out and she woke.  She immediately named the children Sun and Moon. 

Later, the king (aka Phillip) comes to find her and she is awake and with their children.  However, he is already married and returns home.  The king calls out Talia and the children's names in his sleep and his wife asks the king's secratary to find out everything he can. 

She learns of the of the situation and with a foraged message gets Talia's children brought to court.  She orders the cook to kill the children and feed them to the king, but instead the cook hides them and cooks two lambs instead. 

The queen has Talia brought to court and orders a huge fire to be built in the courtyard and Talia to be thown upon it.  Talia requests the queen if she may take off her clothes before being thrown onto the fire, the queen lets her do so.  As Talia removes her clothes she screams in grief, the king hears the screams and investigates.  The queen tells the king that Talia is to be burned and that he had unknowingly eaten his two children.  Enraged, he has the queen, his secratary and the cook  thrown on the pyre. The cook explains she saved the children and is spared and rewarded with the title of royal chamberlain.  And he marries Talia. 

Well, there you have it, the abridged version of the original Sleeping Beauty.  I hope together we can all get the 'source material' sections of the Sleeping Beauty articles updated with the true source of this tale. 

Here you thought Sleeping Beauty was all nicey, nice and everything is hunky dorey (minus the giant Maleficent dragon.) Guess again.