Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls: If you couldn't have guessed, Gravity Falls is one of my favorite cartoons, so, naturally, I was preparing myself to watch the final episode in the series. I had gotten most of my homework finished, and I called my mom in to watch the third part in the Weirdmageddon trilogy. I absolutely loved the episode; I felt that Gravity Falls had one of the best endings in an American cartoon, with Avatar: The Last Airbender being a close second. For those that don't follow the show, Weirdmageddon is an apocalyptic event that was built up throughout the series. The term, Weirdmageddon is a portmanteau word that combines "weird" with "Armageddon," the mythical final battle between God and Satan. This cataclysmic event was first inferred in the season 1 episode "Dreamscapers," which introduces Bill Cipher, the main antagonist of the series. Bill is a powerful dream demon that was inspired by the Eye of the Providence. Bill is a yellow triangular creature with one eye, and he also wears a black top hat and bowtie. Bill had been around for centuries; during each century, he was slowly advancing in his evil plan, until eventually, he gets summoned into Gravity Falls by Li'l Gideon. Sometime before the events of the series, Stanford Pines, Grunkle Stan's twin brother, reached a bump in his research into the anomalies pertaining to the titular town. He goes into a cave, and he sees images of a triangular entity. Despite the warnings to not summon this creature at all costs, Stanford performs the ritual out of desperation, and Bill visits him in a dream that night. The two seem to hit it off as friends, as Bill offered to help Stanford with his research; eventually, the two build an interdimensional portal (which Stanford actually ends up getting sucked into during a fight with Stan). Unfortunately for Stanford, it turns out that Bill was using him, and that his real plan was to use the portal to merge the Nightmare Realm (Bill's home dimension) with the physical realm, essentially causing the end of the world. Stanford shuts the portal down, but this obviously doesn't deter Bill. Anyway, in the season 2 episode "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future," Stanford and Dipper try to keep the Dimensional Rift, an artifact that contains a pocket dimension, safe from Bill. Summer was reaching its full course for the twins, who will also have their thirteenth birthday at some point. Mabel tries to get everything together for the party, but she eventually breaks down and runs to the woods when she overheard Dipper state his interest in becoming an apprentice for Stanford through the walky talky. She meets up with Blendin Blandin, a time traveler, again, and he states that he could make summer last longer if she were to give him the Dimensional Rift (she had accidentally taken the wrong backpack with her). She gives him the rift, which she has no idea to how significant of an artifact it is, but she is horrified to see that Blendin was being possessed by Bill. Bill drops the Dimensional Rift onto the ground, and a rip in the physical world forms, signifying that it would soon be merged with the Nightmare Realm. The first of the trilogy, consists of Bill petrifying everyone that he comes across as he started to conquer Gravity Falls. Stanford attempted to zap Bill back into the Nightmare Realm, but he gets captured and turned to gold before he could say what Bill's weakness was. In addition to that, Bill apparently gained so much power, that he singlehandingly kills Time Baby and the Time Police force (though, if you were to decipher a code from the end of part 1, it states that it would take thousands of years for the Time Baby's molecules to reassemble; during that time he'll be more cranky) Dipper meets up with Wendy and Soos as he attempts to free his sister, whom had been trapped within a pink bubble. The next episode revolves around Bill discovering than an invisible force field was keeping him trapped in Gravity Falls, and he figures that Stanford was the only one who knew anything about getting rid of the force field. Dipper, Soos, and Wendy enter into the bubble to retrieve Mabel, who insists that she wanted to stay forever, because she was scared about growing up. She gets convinced that Dipper would be by her side as they both matured, and they escape from the bubble. In Take Back the Falls, the group of friends assemble the survivors of the Weirdmageddon, which consists of Grunkle Stan, Officer Blubs, Pacifica Northwest, a few magical creatures, etc. to fight back against Bill and his demonic minions. In "The Last Mabelcorn," a force field was crafted around the Mystery Shack in order to keep the likes of Bill from entering, which gives the team the idea of creating the house into a giant robot (partially inspired by Soos watching several anime, which Old Man McGucket ponders about). Meanwhile, Bill unfreezes Stanford, and he tries to get him into telling him how to get rid of the force field around the town. According to Bill, the world would be better off without being bolted down rules, though it seems more that it was a poorly conveyed attempt on Bill's part; he really only wants to completely rule all of the universe. Stanford refuses, even as he's being tortured with blue lightning (this is a Disney show), though he takes a step back when Bill threatened to gruesomely murder Dipper and Mabel if he didn't comply. The rebels also attempted to use the zodiac wheel to presumably reseal Cipher, but it turns out that the wheel was pointless if the representatives of each symbol weren't in the circle. Bill turns most of the representatives into tapestries, with looks of pure horror on their faces. As Bill attempted to murder the Mystery Twins again (even saying that he would rip them a part molecule by molecule), Stanford allows Bill to enter into his mind (which contained the equation that was needed to undo the force field) but only under the condition that he spares his grandchildren. Bill agrees, and he enters into Stanford's mind. However, it actually turns out that Stan and Stanford had actually switched roles with each other and that Bill was actually in Stan's mind. Stanford activates the Mind Erasing Gun. For the first time in his life, Bill was actually horrified, and he tries to bargain with Stan as a measly attempt at trying to save his own life. Stan, however, responds by punching Bill squarely in the eye, thus causing the effects of Weirdmageddon to become undone as Bill shattered into millions of pieces. Sure, there's a backward message that seems to suggest that Bill was trying to resurrect himself, but there isn't really too much evidence to support that he would be back. At this point, he's deader than disco. It seems as though Grunkle Stan's mind gets erased by the gun, but he slowly starts to get his memory back through the use of a memory book. The Mystery twins get the birthday that they wanted before they were to be sent back home. Mabel is heartbroken at the idea of leaving her beloved pig, Waddles, which is quickly solved by Grunkle Stan and Stanford threatening the bus driver into letting the pig on the bus. Soos inherits the Mystery Shack from Grunkle Stan, Stan accompanies his brother on a trip around the world with their ship dubbed "Stan 'O War II," every character is reunited with a loved one, etc. The series ends with a final look at Bill's statue, which I believe is supposed to represent the Bill Cipher Wheel that appears at the opening of each episode. The episode was completely awesome. The action was insane, and there were even a few heartfelt moments. The part with Mabel breaking down at discovering that Stan doesn't remember her is simply saddening. However, I'm in the minority, because I think that Stan's memory should have slowly returned, though considering that this is a Disney work, they didn't want it to be too dark/depressing. In addition to this, I was disappointed at the Bill Cipher Wheel not being as important like I thought it would be. Like I mentioned earlier, the wheel is useless if the representatives of each symbol wasn't in the circle, which is exactly what happens. Sure, you could say that each symbol was actually just a motif for each character, but the wheel was seemingly being built up as hugely important. It's in the opening after all. Despite these nit-picks, it was a really great series finale. For a show that had only two seasons, the ending makes it feel as though we've watched the show for years. The show is a special gem that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

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