Now, this was what I was highly anticipating for a whole month. In short, the Battle of Mewni is a two-hour Disney XD television movie based on the series Star vs. the Forces  of Evil. This show revolves around a young girl named Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension who inherits the family wand that was passed down from one Mewman queen to another. The wand possesses magical properties that Star kind of ends up misusing, eventually culminating in her being sent to Earth (because her parents don't really care about the collateral damage in that dimension). From there, she began to live with Marco and his family. Meanwhile, a group of monsters, led by a short Kappa-like creature named Ludo, are out to claim her wand.

I began to watch the show sometime around the time Gravity Falls ended. Overtime, I grew to like the show, mostly because of how it was beginning to drift away from the episodic episodes by introducing story arcs. One such arc consisted of a villain known only as Toffee. Toffee is a lizard man in a tuxedo who's voiced by Michael C. Hall who you may know as Dexter Morgan from the titular series of the same name. Toffee becomes Ludo's "evil efficiency expert" for a time, but it was obvious that Toffee had bigger plans. In short, the TV movie reveals that Toffee was a former general engaging in a war between the Mewmans and the monsters. After killing Moon's (Star's mother) mother, the young Moon resorted to making a deal with Eclipsa, Queen of Darkness, who was notorious for running away with a monster and for her dark magic. Eclipsa is temporarily freed from her imprisonment, and she agrees to teach Moon a spell that could permanently kill an immortal, the condition being that once her foe is slain, Eclipsa will be freed as entailed by the magical contract. Anyway, Moon faces Toffee, and instead of aiming for his heart, she instead blasts off his finger with the darkest spell. Since then, Toffee worked for Ludo, at least until he usurped him. After he makes Star remove the magic from her wand (long story), the wand explodes, seemingly taking him with it. However, his spirit lives on via a part of the wand, and he eventually possesses Ludo.

With that being said, with the TV movie, it actually consists of a few episodes from Season 3. Now, there are several things to like about the television movie. The scenes that discuss the death of Queen Moon's mother are genuinely saddening, but the flashbacks also show how Moon earned the title of "the undaunted." This was a woman who had lost her mother, and yet she manages to keep herself from crying, and she faces Toffee and his gang of monsters without fear. And then after she sends them packing, she makes a declaration that she would hunt down the remainders of Toffee's army, and scatter them all over Mewni. Upon that, her advisors and close friends bow to her as she takes her place as the new queen of Mewni. Another great thing to come out of the movie was the final confrontation between Toffee and Star. Basically, Star ends up getting cleaved inside of the wand, where she learns that Toffee had corrupted all of the magic in the kingdom. Luckily, she's able to get the one remaining piece of un-corrupted style, and she powers up in animesque fashion. She then fires the full power of her wand at Toffee, weakening him enough so that he could be killed. Unfortunately with Toffees' death, while satisfying, it indicates that Eclipsa might escape her prison soon.

While I did like the TV movie, there were certain aspects that I didn't like about it. The trailers for the movie made it seem as though the movie was going to be an action-packed spectacle when really, it is anything but. The Battle for Mewni? What battle? There was hardly any battling in the film. When Moon blasted off Toffee's finger years ago, there was no epic battle between them to speak of. She just points her wand at him, he berates her, then it's over. With Toffee's death, while it is satisfying, he gets killed in like two minutes. This is especially insulting because of how in Mewni lore, Toffee was known as the Immortal Monster. As revealed in a book canonical with the series, Toffee was a type of monster known as a Septartian. Septarians are reptilian humanoids who have the ability to regenerate limbs. With Toffee, his regenerative properties were considered exceptional to his race, and yet they kill him off without any effort? Really, after Toffee got his finger back, he doesn't even try to put up a fight with Moon or Marco; he just kind of walks off. Now, it is explained that he had lost the magic he had gained when he rebuilt himself, but the man was a former general. It shouldn't be that hard to put up something of a fight. And that his entire goal was just to get his finger back. Really: all the manipulating, murdering, just for a finger. Of course, he might've had a bigger initiative besides that, but unless he somehow returns in the show, his end game was really underwhelming.

Overall, it was worth the wait, but I also felt that it was too rushed in some areas as well as contrived. Star is able to defeat Toffee through Deus ex machina. It just seems that the writers wrote themselves into a corner, so they came up with a lame solution. Despite that, it was a pretty good movie. Fun fact about the movie: this is the second Disney XD movie after Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension (unless you count Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls).