We all have our favorite Disney flicks or shows, and we have our own certain tastes when it comes to these works. However, what we can agree on is that there's almost always something that can tug at your heartstrings in the film or TV show. The following is my list of the saddest Disney moments that I find sad. Pleasea be mindful that your  moments mau not be on here. You can go to the comments section to tell me your moments.                                              

  1. The near-death of Anna of Arendelle: True, it was a very loose-adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen, but, in it's own right, Frozen is a very excellent movie. The film focuses more on the relationships between the two sisters Elsa and Anna and devotes a huge majority of the movie to these two girls. When Anna is accidentally struck by Queen Elsa, she was starting to slowly die because she was struck in the heart. If you recall, a frozen heart couldn't be cured by magic, and only an act of true love could break the curse. Anna was fortunate the first time when she was accidentally struck by her older sister because she only hit her head with her ice powers. The elder of the trolls could fix it, but he could not fix her frozen heart later on, and she was in danger of dying. Naturally, since Hans was her true love, you'd expect that he would be able to save his beloved? WRONG! It turns out that he never loved Anna and only used her as a tool that he could use to take over her kingdom and dispose of her elder sister. He then leaves her to die, and Olaf thankfully provides her with heat so she could stay warm. When she realized that Kristoff was her true love, she painfully went outside and tried to kiss Kristoff. However, when she saw Hans about to murder her grieving sister, she gives up that one chance to save her life, and chooses her sister's life over her. She intercepts and breaks the sword, and freezes solid. When Elsa saw this, she broke down and cried over her younger sister's body. What makes this even more sad is that she shut Anna out of her life as a means to protect her from her, especially after the last incident concerning her. Now, it seems that her greatest fear had come true and it was her fault for it. Actually, you could pick any scene from the movie as the saddest scene because of the emotional impact throughout. Though, to me personally, Anna's near-death is what surely takes the number one spot.
  2. Ralph wrecks Vanellope's go-kart: After the treacherous King Candy convinced Ralph that Vanellope would die if she was found racing due to her being a glitch, Ralph makes the toughest of decisions and relunctantly crushes Vanellope's kart, ruining her dreams, and almost destroying their friendship. This comes into effect if you ever had a dream in life and that something completely shattered your vision of that dream and put you into a major depression. Thankfulkly, Ralph and Felix later rebuild her kart, and she gets to race. Again, like with Frozen, you can personally pick whatever scene you see as the saddest, either it being Ralph being labeled as a villain even though he's a fairly good guy, Vanellope being bullied by her peers, or Sargeant Calhoun's backstory but again, you can take your opinion to the comments section.
  3. The entirety of Toy Story 3: Toy Story 3 is definetly the darkest film in the Toy Story trilogy and most likely Pixar films in general, but it's also most likely the most beautiful film that Pixar had ever made. The film answers any questions that you ever had about the toys, basically the one where you wonder what happens to the toys when their owner grows up. Andy's toys wanted to go to Sunnyside Daycare because they saw it as a chance to be played with by younger kids from generation to generation, whereas Woody still clang on to Andy. There's also the infamous incenerator scene in which Lotso left his saviors to die in the incinerator event after they risked their lives to save him and being helpless in front of the approaching fires. What really gets me is the part where each toy holds on to each others's hands which meant that if they were to die, they would at least die as a family. What's even more effective is that we had no idea that the Claw was coming to save them from their certain dooms. We almost thought that they were really goners. The thought that Pixar would actually kill off our childhood icons is just a little unnerving. And there's also the end where Andy gives all of his toys to Bonnie and gives a little speech about them. When he gets to Woody, he pauses for a second almost as if he was contemplating on whether or not to give his childhood toy to him. He decides to hand it to her, and tells her that Woody is brave and would never give up on her. And there's also the last line that Woody gives to Andy when he's leaving for college. They're so simple of words, but very emotional. Woody: So long, partner.
  4. Phineas giving up: In the "Summer Belongs to You" special, Phineas and company try to go around the world for a complete twenty-four hours, when all seemed lost, Phineas gives up. This is Phineas we are talking about. He's perhaps the most optomistic and most energetic person in the show and one who just screams idealism, and here he just decides to give up on the plan. Thankfully Isabella knocked some sense into him.
  5. Any deaths involving anthropomorphic characters: Just to shorten the list pretty much any film that stars talking animals is saddening to some, but some pack more punches than others. THe two most famous examples would be Mufasa's death and Bambi's Mom's death. What I believe makes these deaths hit more  close to home to some people is that they most likely lost a parent at a young age, and seeing something like this reminds them of them in their predicaments. There's also Ray the firefly's death in The Princess and the Frog, but it's more bittersweet because he reincarnates into a star and gets to spend eternity with his beloved Evangeline and there's also Mufasa's death in that he joined with the other great kings of the Pride Lands and that he also lived in his son. And there was also Aslan who dies in Edmund's place, though considering who he's based on, it was just a matter of time for him to come back and defeat the White Witch. Sorry if I just combined all these movies together. Again, take your thoughts to the comments.
  6. The Little Match Girl: Okay, so her father forces her to stay out in the cold to sell matches to earn money, and she is basically ignored by the villagers. What makes it even sadder is that Disney chose to stick with the original book ending in which the Little Match Girl died and didn't change the ending like they would normally do in their films. When you see her grandmother, you'd think she's saved, but then you realize that her grandmother's deceased and is now taking her granddaughter with her. However, the movie does have a happy ending. The Little Match Girl is liberated by death and now she could pass on in peace to the afterlife. Her suffering was over.
  7. Quasimodo's Situation: Everything about Quasimodo is tearjerker material. His mother is murdered by Frollo, he was almost tharown into a watering well by Frollo because of his deformities, he was treated like garbage by his master Frollo, whom never forgot to remind Quasimodo about him being ugly and a monster, and he gets pelted by food when he's crowned the King of Fools during the Festival of Fools. When Esmeralda was the only person whoever shown him any humanity, he grew infatuated with her, and sang a beautiful song about his love for her. The song could hit anyone who was socially awkward and not really well-liked, but this feeling comes to mind when someone notices you or shows you kindness and you can't help but to think that they might love you. Even if they don't, you can still hope. This is pretty much the entirety of the song Heaven's Light and is Quasimodo at his finest.
So, anyway, this was my list of the saddest Disney moments. Again, write down to me what you think was the saddest Disney moment in any movie or television show. I'd really like to know.