Sometimes in a film, you would have characters that are memorable and would be your favorites. But then there are characters that you wish would just take a hike. Below are my most hated characters in Disney films and television series.

  1. King Candy- Now King Candy has to be my most loathed character in the whole Disney Animated Canon. I mean him not allowing Vanellope to race is bad enough, but then you find out why. He later lies to Ralph about the consequences of Vanellope racing. If she were to race, she would cause the game to be considered glitchy and would cause it to go unplugged. While the other characters in Sugar Rush could escape the game, Vanellope couldn't and would be destroyed along with the world when the game's unplugged. Because of his lie, Ralph almost jeopardizes his friendship with Vanellope and almost destroyed her trust for him. But that's not all. In the climax, you discover that he's Turbo, an infamous race car driver who caused his game and another game  to go unplugged because he's such an arrogant psychopath. Not only does he cause both games to go unplugged, he also ruins a little girl's life just for the sake of his own ego. He totally deserved to be burned alive in the Diet Coke lava at the end of the film.
  2. Lotso-Not only was he the cruel dictator of Sunnyside Daycare, but he leaves the toys to die in the incenerator even after they risk their lives to save him. Burn in Disney Hell, Lotso.
  3. Claude Frollo-Not only was he lustful towards Esmeralda, but he believed that he was doing God's will by doing such heinous acts, kills Quasimodo's mother, attempted to drown him in the well when he was a baby, tries to erradicate the Gypsy race, blames Esmeralda for his sins, trying to burn an innocent family alive, etc. Yes Frollo, God did smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit.
  4. Scar-What can I say that hasn't already been said? He kills his brother, and makes Simba believe that he was responsible for his father's demise. He also sucked as a king.
  5. Candace Flynn- "Mom! Phineas and Ferb [insert activity here]]!"
  6. Man-He killed Bambi's mom!

Who are your most hated characters?