Still listening to "I Have A Plan" sung by Scar in The Lion Guard. It's not one of the best villains songs I've heard, in part because Scar is voiced by someone else other than Jeremy Irons. With this song....I don't know, it lacks that "umph" that "Be Prepared" had. It's also not as visually thrilling as the scenes in the original film either. I mean, so in "I Have Plan," we're treating to the Pride Lands erupting into flame, but in the other song, we see the ground literally rising up as Scar was reaching the climax of his song; it was visually striking with the red tone and hellish atmosphere. I know that this is nitpicky, but I also felt "I Have a Plan" wasn't as fluffed as "Be Prepared." Scar is a master orator who uses extravagant words through his song to emphasize the point that he highly values his intelligence. "I Have a Plan" doesn't really have that feeling of grandiose if you play both at the same time.

So far, I'm not really liking Scar's interpretation in The Lion Guard. In the original film, yeah he was murderous, but he never killed more than he needed. He killed Mufasa and attempted to assassinate Simba solely to obtain the throne (yeah, he didn't care about condemning the other lions to death from starvation, but in terms of a body count/attempted body count)....And yet I'm led to believe that Scar got away with using the Roar of the Elders to destroy his Lion Guard. I can let it slide that Scar most likely covered up their murders, but that still does not explain how Mufasa is still willing to trust him despite knowing that he tried to usurp him once. Really...common sense isn't Mufasa's greatest strength.

That, and Scar's plan seems to be now to burn everything out of revenge. I mean, yeah I could see him desiring revenge for his death, but isn't it a tiny bit extreme to kill everything? Scar wanted to be king because he felt that he was snubbed of his chances. His insecurity plays a major role in his ambition. So to suddenly have his goal be "kill everyone in the Pride Lands and then rule over whatever is left as a god" is a pretty big jump for the character.