1. Name: Claude Frollo, Death by: Falling into molten lead and is also crushed to death by the gargoyle.
  2. Name: Scar, Death by: Ripped apart by his hyena mooks, and also burnt to death.
  3. Name: Dr. Facilier, Death by: Dragged into what is assumed to be Hell by his "Friends" from the Otherside
  4. Name: Shan Yu, Death by: Being blown up by fireworks.
  5. Name: Mother Gothel, Death by: Rapidly aging to death.
  6. Name: Sykes, Death by: Got hit by a train.
  7. Name: The Horned King, Death by: Having his skin removed from his bones while being sucked into the Cauldron.
  8. Name: Ursula, Death by: Getting impaled by the front of a ship, trident overpowers her, and she is cooked from the inside out, finally sinking and exploding.
  9. Name: Judge Doom, Death by: Melted in his own Dip.
  10. Name: Jafar, Death by: Being blown up after his lamp falls into lava.
  11. Name: Hopper, Death by: Being eaten by adorable baby birds.
  12. Name: Ratigan, Death by: Falling off of Big Ben.
  13. Name: The Nome King, Death by: Destroyed after ingesting an egg.
  14. 'Name: Scroop, Death by: Drifting off into outer space.'
  15. 'Name: McLeach, Death by: Falling off a waterfall.'
  16. Name: Gaston, Death by: Falling off of The Beast's Castle (No one dies like Gaston!)
  17. Name: Davy Jones, Death by: Having his heart pierced, and falling into the maelstrom.
  18. Name: Oogie Boogie, Death by: Having his skin removed, his innards falling into the stew, and having Santa Claus crush the last bug.
  19. Name: 'The Drill Sergeant, Death by: Falling off a cliff (though it was a dream).'
  20. Name: Clayton, Death by: Having his neck snap while being hung on a vine around his neck.
  21. Name: King Candy, Death by: Burnt alive in the Diet Cola volcano.

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