He's handsome, he's polite, and...evil? Let's discuss Prince Hans, the main antagonist from the recent Disney movie, Frozen.              
Hans is a JERK

Hans's true feelings for Anna

In my opinion, Frozen is one of those movies that goes against the natural norm of what you would expect from a movie studio. To describe the film, Frozen is a deconstruction of the usual Disney film. It's a fairy tale in which reality ensues. Since this was a Disney film, Anna was a firm believer in love at first sight. I mean, why shouldn't she, considering that she's in a movie where this tropoe is played nearly all the time with Disney. And it seems that her philosophy is correct, because she meets the gentlemenly Prince Hans who seems to really like her too. Along with this trope, they also have a romantic duet with each other compared to the likes of "I See the Light" from Tangled and "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. As a result, she immediately accepts a marriage proposal from the prince.
As you may have guessed, Elsa criticizes Anna for wanting to marry someone she just met and refuses to bless her and Hans's marriage. Naturally, why shouldn't she, considering she only knew Hans for a day, who knows what he'll be like? Kristoff gets on the bandwagon as well, and criticizes Anna for her decision to marry Hans after one day. Then comes the reveal.
When Anna was slowly dying from her frozen heart after Elsa accidentally struck her, Kristoff helps her return to Arendelle, and she reunites with Hans. When Anna tells him her predicament, Hans reveals his true colors, and reveals that he was only going to marry Anna just so he could have a chance to take the throne and dispose of her sister in order to do so. Since she was dying, however, he saw no need to go along with the marriage, and left Anna to die. I understand that some people were most likely confused about Hans's role as the villain in the movie and believe that the film directors put that detail in at the last minute, but if you read further, I'll explain why Hans was effective as a villain.
Hans is described by many to be a sociopath. For those unfamiliar to the term, sociopathy, or antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) generally refers to anyone who has no regards for the well-being of others. A sociopath is characterized as being manipulative, remorseless, and possess the ability to fake emotions. Naturally, Hans fits this category and is most likely a perfect representation of a sociopath in a Disney film. Let's break Hans down piece by piece
  1. Manipulative Skills: Hans is shown as being a master manipulator. He manipulates Anna into thinking that he loves her, and leads her on until the final moment in which he reveals his true colors to her. Not only does he manipulates Anna, but he also manipulates the Duke of Weselton and lies to him about Anna being dead possibly to have him and his men kill Elsa, and he even convinces Elsa herself that because of her actions, her younger sister was dead because of her. Greatly saddened by this (false) truth, Elsa kneels down to the ground and sobs, and allows Hans to execute her without putting up a fight. Heck, he might as well could've manipulated the audience itself. Usually, when Disney presents its villain, it is made obviously clear that they will be the antagonist of the film, whether it be through clothing, age, or weight differences. With Hans, however, we honestly get no clues (or so we thought) that he would be bad. Most of what we see of Hans from onscreen is by him acting as what you would expect Prince Charming to act, and it seems like he would fit the role of Prince Charming to an E. However, instead of Prince Charming, we get Prince Charmless.
  2. Faking Emotions: After the reveal that he never loved Anna in the first place, when Hans confronts the Duke of Weselton and his men, he immediately switches to grieving boyfriend mood, and the Duke comforts him. It is simply scary how easily he's able to fake emotions so flawlessly. In hindsight, this makes the song "Love is an Open Door" extra disturbing, because now you realize that he never meant what he said in the song. It also makes him providing all the citizens of Arendelle with food and warmth also very disturbing, because here it means that he's only doing this so that his assumed reign would go off on an easy step and not out of any genuine concern for his would be subjects.
  3. Disregard for Anyone Else: As I already mentioned his disregard for Anna, let's skip to his family life. In my opinion, what makes Frozen a very good movie is the relationship between the two sisters Anna and Elsa. You can tell how much Elsa regrets having to try to keep her beloved sister safe from her powers, and you can feel for her when it seemed that Anna died due to her powers. I also admire Disney for its idea that familial love would be much, much stronger than romantic love, and that is exactly what finally controls Elsa's powers in the end. However, Hans is very different with how he treats his siblings compared to Anna and Elsa. While Anna desperately tried to reconnect with her older sister and didn't want to be shut out by her again, Hans only wanted power. Since he was the thirteenth of twelve older brothers, there was absolutely no chance that he could inherit his own throne. I'm fairly certain that he would even be willing to kill all his brothers just so he could quench his thirst for power. It's also fairly certain that his life with twelve older brothers wasn't as bad as he let on. He could most likely had been trying to manipulate Annba even further due to her story with her sister. If he succeeded at killing Anna and Elsa, he most likeky would've disregarded his subjects as well.
  4. Lack of Remorse: In this department, Hans totally had no regrets for his actions. He felt no remorse for leading Anna on, and is also implied to have told her the truth to speed the freezing process faster. He also felt no remorse for attempting to murder Elsa, again just so he could have power for himself. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of other stuff in the movie in which he's nonapolegetic for, but he seemingly deserves the title of a sociopath.
So, these are the reasons why Hans was an effective villain of the movie Frozen. Please leave your thoughts in the comments sections below. This is Robinsonbecky signing out.