I found out about a couple of the things that Disney did. With the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie, and even one of their own cartoons.

I must say, that I'm very sad and full of steam about it.

Literally, they made Gaston's sidekick, Lefou, gay in that movie. I suppose it wouldn't be the fault of the studio as a whole though. After all, the director of the movie, Bill Condon, is gay, and he is likely the one comondeering the whole decision, along with the screenwriters.

But when I found out about it on the internet, I was very angry about it.

I was also angry that a Disney XD cartoon would stoop to the level of showing two men kissing.

It made me want to spray paint the street, leaving a mark for the world telling everyone how much I'm against this act of evil. But of course, that wouldn't be a good idea. It would be vandalism of public property, and wouldn't be something a Christian would do.

I did however pray that God would inflict his wrath on the studio. Especially those who dare tarnish his name and the name of one of his greatest stewards, Walt Disney.

Walt Disney himself was also a Christian if anyone didn't know yet.

I'm very scared of whether or not they would do the same with their animated features.

But, the people at Pixar, such as Andrew Stanton and Pete Doctor, are Christian.

With John Lasseter overseeing not only Pixar, but also Walt Disney Feature Animation, and Disneytoon Studios, I forever pray that he will keep things afloat to where God and Disney can smile down upon the works they make, honoring them in every way they can.