Hi. It's me again.

I wanted to come back because of certain things involving my last post.

One of the reasons is because of one certain word: Homophobia.

I looked up the definition of it, and I wanted to say, that I'm not a homophobic.

The idea of my last post was to express how I felt about what was going on with one of The Disney Company's film and television projects. It was never to express my hate towards people who are gay.

I would never dislike a gay person as a whole; it's really the act and practice of it I don't like.

Aside from that, I remember a lot of people who, even though they are gay, have incredible talents.

Take Nathan Lane for instance,

Even though he's gay, his performance as Timon in The Lion King franchise is awesome and extremely funny! I always loved the performance and timing he gave with Timon's dialogue. It's like no one but him could ever play Timon.

Ellen Degeneres is another example,

Even though it is a well known fact that she's a lesbian, I think her role as Dory in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory is spectacular. Her ability to play a character with short term memory loss and to change the subject really fast clearly tell that the role was made for her. No one else could come close to the way she performed Dory.

So, with that said, thank you for your time.