Welcome to my wdyt Blog!

Here, I will ask you questions on disney fairytales. You can answer them in the comments section, or, if you want me to post a new question, enter a question of your own into the comments section. Here they are:

  1. Would you fall head over fins for Prince Eric?
  2. Which word describes Gastan's love for Belle: True, or just desperate?
  3. Do you think Esmeralda should have fallen for the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
  4. Could Snow White have had the same reaction to love at first sight as a young girl in highschool?
  5. Do you think Anna was a little too love sick for her own good?
  6. Was Ursala really being the bad guy when she was sabotaging Ariel's deal?
  7. Did the Frollo resemble Mother Gothel in any way?
  8. Could the Evil Queen actually be Vain, one of the seven evils of the world?
  9. What do Merida and Rapunzel have in common?
  10. What country is Princess Jasmine from?
    Disney princesses graceful as a swan by beautifprincessbelle-d6dzttk

    Also, feel free to post your favorite disney princess in the comments section.