Okay, so this is my first time writing a blog, so don't judge me here.

Hi! My name is Star Cape Seeker, and I am an Ice Mermaid, a mermaid dwelling in the frigid northern waters. I am going to begin my very first blog with a decription of where I live and who I live with. Okay, so I live up around Norway in an underwater ice palace, which has twenty rooms.  I have a twin sister named Echo Pearl Seeker and a brother named Shar Poseider Seeker. Echo has blonde hair, green eyes, a turquoise shell top, and a pink tail, and Shar has black hair, gray eyes, and a red tail. Echo is somewhat of what land-dwellers call a sporty. She loves all sorts of games, especialy races. She has no intrest in jewelry, or hair styles, or anything "girly". And Shar likes nothing more than to explore. He'll be out for hours and hours, searching in every cave and under every rock.

Well, more next time. Splash ya later! :)