The fires burn bright in the Temple tonight

Not a Jedi to be seen

A galaxy gripped in turmoil,

And Vader's wife, was the ex-Queen

The Force is howling like a swirling storm inside,

Couldn't keep it in, not since  died

"Ignore the fear", "Ignore the hate",

"No relationships", It's not so great

"Think don't feel"

I won't try to hide,

From the Dark Side!

Let it flow, let it flow

I can't hold it back anymore!

Let it flow, let it flow!

I'll kill the Jedi and end these wars!

"I pledge myself, to you this day!"

Let the Force rage on,

The Jedi only held me back anyway!

It's funny how the Dark Side,

Makes everything seem small,

And the younglings I have butchered, can't get to me at all!

It's time to see what I can do;

The Empire's here!

The Republic, it is through!

No rights, no wrongs, there's no rules for me!

I'm free!

Let it flow, let it flow, I am one with the Dark Side!!!

Let it flow, let it flow,

This is the end of the Jedi!

If you won't help me, you're my enemy!

My power passes through the air to fry my foes!

My deadly lightsaber will help your body meet the floor!

My super reflexes deflect your energy blast!

I'm never going back; the Jedi are the past!!

Let it flow, let it flow

And I'll rise with my new arm on!

Let it flow, let it flow,

That Jedi Knight is gone!!

Here I stand, on this darkest day!!!

Let the Force rage on!!!!

Jorus was a stupid name anyway.