Welcome, welcome! It's time for another episode of Epic Rap Battles of Disney, the place where all of your dreams come true...If your dreams are your favorite Disney characters battle rapping each other. If so, you've come to the right place! Click here for the first battle of the series if you haven't seen it already. If you've read it and are here for this one, then great! Just stick around and you'll get what you wished for. This idea is, actually, one I came up with myself. I really like the idea, and so does my girlfriend, so, why not? It's Zack and Cody, the brothers from the Suite Life series, versus Phineas and Ferb, the brothers from the series of the same name, in order to see who the better and funnier duo is among all the fan favorite ones.

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The Battle:






Phineas & Ferb:

Hey, Ferb! I think I know what we're gonna do today!

Let's end these teenage drama queens and win this fight without delay!

It's pretty sad that even Doofenshmirtz is smarter than Zack!

So Graduate from this battle and never challenge us again!

Cody's the only one we think will be able to spit a diss!

Zack can't even count higher than two! There's no way he can bust this!

We've got the tools to beat these fools! All your attempts are in vain,

Since we're facing the human versions oPinky and the Brain!

Zack & Cody:

It's your Last Day if you try to step up to these bros!

The worst thing Phineas could do is poke us with his pointy nose!

You couldn't make a child laugh while we're rocking the Disney Channel!

No matter whaDimension you're in, when facing us, you're destined to fail!

So let'Deck these disgraces like our names werBuford,

Since it's seasy to claim a victory against you nerds!

Ferb should go back to being silent if that's the best that he could do!

Don't call yourself smart! You couldn't tell that Isabella liked you!

There's not a day that goes by that you don't make giant contraptions,

But you still couldn't construct actual rapping talent!

The fun is stopping here, if you're trying to step up to this boss,

Schange your names tPerry because you both just lost!

Phineas & Ferb:

Well, that was an even bigger flop than your crazy crossovers!  

Are we going to win against these two? Yes! Yes, we are!

After we're done crushing you, all you'll be saying is "Meep!"

Your rhymes are like a platypus! They don't do much against me!

Today is Not Gonna Be a Great Day for you if you try to step to me!

So Gitchee Gitchee Go away unless you wanna get Balj-beat!

Quit spitting those pitiful lyrics and just Marvel at my victory!

It's hopeless trying to battle the best duo in Disney history!

I'm normally silent but, this time, I have a lot to say!

You've Jumped Right Into this battle, but you've lost against us in every way!

Thank You For Comin' Along, but, in the end, you've fallen short,

CausPhineas and Ferb have won! There's no need for your last retort!

Zack & Cody:

You're like your silly movie's game, cause you just got played!

Picking a fight with the teenagers? Honestly, kids, Act Your Age!

You're commonly responsible but, on the mic, you can't be trusted!

You better bring your mother over, cause you've finally been busted!

We're spitting so much verbal flow that you're getting Lost at Sea!

You're less intelligent than London! You can't compare to Zack and Cody!

Twins tag-teaming against you and we're winning without strife!

Cause winning against you two is what we calthe Suite Life!






Who won the battle?

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