Hey, guys! Welcome back to Epic Rap Battles of Disney! Now, I realize that it's been a little bit since Han Solo vs Indiana Jones, and I'd like to apologize for that. I had school and other projects that were consuming me. But, now, it's summer! And I'll have more time for my rap battles. So, I'm doing this! This very clever matchup was suggested to me by Stofferex, so this one's for you, bro! It's Emperor Kuzco vs The Beast. These two are battling for this reason: These are two people of royalty, an emperor and a prince, who were not good people at first who had to undergo a physical change in order to change his ways. And so, without further rambling on, I present to you The Beast vs Emperor Kuzco.

The Beast's lyrics written in this color while in beast form and this color while in human form.

Emperor Kuzco's lyrics written in this color while in human form and this color while in llama form.

The Battle: Edit






The Beast: Edit

I won't have to best you just to prove that I truly rule,

But that's not gonna stop me from leaving The Emperor Schooled!

Allow me to Chicha a valuable lesson about respect

As I leave discount Emperor Nero royally wrecked!

You're a self-centered buffoon with no morals at all

Even worse at rapping than you are at Inca-ball!

Why don't you Be True To Your Groove and just boogie on out of here?

You'll hear my Roar as this bore's cold heart is filled with fear!

This brat could use a good beating, so let me do the honors

If I'm dissing the worst emperor, does it still count as dishonor?

You won't do so Bird-well; I think it's clear that you'll lose,

When your rapping is even worse than Kronk's New Groove!

Emperor Kuzco: Edit

Oh, please! With raps like these, your defeat's guaranteed

You versus me? I guess this is truly Beauty and the Beast!

I'm not sure why Beastie Boy is talking to me about selfishness

For who could learn to love a beast? That's obvious when I look at this!

I've a Little Secret, Adam: I actually enjoyed your movie

That being said, that midquel did nothing for me except bore me!

You aren't Cogs-worth my time, so I'll end this with ease

Tim Scurry away, because it's time to Kill The Beast!

Beast Becomes Prince

Prince Adam: Edit

I'm surprised you didn't hire someone to rap for you!

You're on the road to defeat if that's the best that you can do!

In order to run a kingdom, you need to have a heart

Club you down with diamond rhymes, Spade; You've lost from the start

The Perfect World begins and ends with me dethroning this joke

Step up to me and I'll smash you as if your head were made of stone!

Still want to fight? Be My Guest, but it's a tale as old as time

That an unpleasant peasant can't best the Prince in rhyme!

Kuzco Becomes Llama

Kuzco the Llama: Edit

Fur or not, you're still the most repulsive beast I've ever seen

Why are you even here? This battle is all about me!

You think you're beloved? I'm something, you're a Nobody!

You won't beat me in this battle; Remember, no touchy!

I took the Liberty of giving Belle an actual companion

I'm Marvel-ous! You're just a poor, spoiled, tortured soul, Adam!

Even with my llama face, I still look better than you

I'm growing Board of these Games, so allow me to end this fool!

Think you can win with rhymes older than Yzma? Are you Kitt-ing me?

You've just proven that rapping isn't your Forte. Boom, baby!

I'll throw you out the window, so you'll get out of my sight!

I spit sick! You're catching Kuzco Fever in this fight!

Outro Announcer: Edit





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