I cannot think of an opponent for Bill Cipher to save my life! Anyway, welcome to the third installment of Epic Rap Battles of Disney! Today, it's the battle of the archers. It's Merida, the Scottish princess from the movie Brave, versus Robin Hood, the legendary fox from the movie of the same name, in order to see who the better archer protagonist is. But...Are they alone? Enjoy!

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The Battle:






Robin Hood:

My name is known near and far across the world so let me tell ya,

It's a legend against the Scottish version of Queen Elsa!

You're messing with the best so let me teach you a lesson about battling!

You should have Allied with Solo if you're that into Rebellion!

I'm a folk hero, fighting for the freedom of my countrymen!

Just step off! Your feeble attempts at victory are all for Naughtingham!

Your raps can't harm me when I can barely understand a word you'll say!

I'm crushing this disgrace! Oo-De-Lally! Golly, what a day!


It's Brave of you to enter here but, at the same time, you're foolish!

If you're wanting a beating, then, come on! Let's do this!

You're Dun-broch! You've no chance to win this contest so get gone!

I'm making Katniss Everdeen look like she were Bella Swan!

My raps Touch the Sky! You're an even worse lyricist than Little John, man!

You couldn't strike me with an arrow if you threw it with your bare hands!

You do good deeds with your thefts, but you're still no less of a criminal!

I'm the greatest! You're chances of succeeding are minimal!

Robin Hood:

Don't give me a poor rap when yours aren't rich enough to steal from!

Honestly, this Scot's not flawless, see? You've got the strength of a bread crumb!

Robin the victory from a mindless rebel who doesn't know how to fight!

Even the law couldn't catch me, so how do you expect to take my life?


Let this be understood, you could never be good, and you should

Always think twice before letting me break you like balsa wood, Robin Hood!

Shooting a lyrical bow of disses, I've got you on the rocks!

They should quit calling you cunning cause it appears that you've been outfoxed!

Susan Pevensie:

Straight out of Narnia, the adventurous Daughter of Eve has arrived!

I won't be Gentle in this battle so don't expect me to be kind!

Your rhymes would hardly make an armory! My lyrical army moves in harmony!

You make a mockery of archery! Might as well be committing larceny!

You'll be sorry when I launch a verbal arrow in your arteries

While you're harmlessly and artlessly shooting wack raps tirelessly!

Step up to Susan and you're losin'! You've no comparison to me!

Winning this battle for Narnia and for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve!






Who won the battle?

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