Hey, guys! I know it's been a while since the third one of these, but, this one should make up for it. Welcome to the fourth installment of Epic Rap Battles of Disney! Todays matchup features two of Harrison Ford's most iconic characters, a tribute to the the new Star Wars Movie, and a battle that I have been saving specifically for the release of The Force Awakens! It's Han Solo, the iconic smuggler and space pilot from the Star Wars franchise, going head-to-head with none other than Indiana Jones in order to see who the more iconic Harrison Ford character is! Now, before we get to the battle, here's a little trivia for ya. This battle was originally gonna be Yzma vs Hades. I'm still doing that, but just not now. Also, I was originally gonna use Indiana in a battle against Benjamin Gates from the National Treasure franchise, because explorers, but I've always leaned more towards Indiana vs Han. However, I thought Han vs Iniana was a cliche matchup. However (2), given the events of The Force Awakens, I feel like this is the right thing to do. If you guys still wanna see Indiana Jones vs Benjamin Gates, I may do it in a future season.. Well, with that out of the way, now onto the battle! Oh, by the way, in case you still haven't seen The Force Awakens, please don't read this until you do. Spoiler Alert!

Han Solo's lines denoted in this color

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The Battle:






Indiana Jones:

Find a Path and and leave it like you did to your wife, bro!

Are you bringing Chewie in or do you prefer to get beat Solo?

Won't even need twelve parsecs to destroy you with this verse!

Let's put an end to this debate, this time I shot first!

Your rapping is even lamer than that Holiday Special!

There's no Hope for you to win, so just retreat, you Holy Fail!

I don't have much time here, so let me get to the point!

I have Awakened once again to Force you out of this fight, boy!

Han Solo:

I'm sorry, Wat was that? You're Tam-boring me to death!

Talk about the worst flop since that alien train wreck!

When I'm done, you'll have more that puny chin scar!

Here's a warning, Junior, before you're Killed, I'll have you seeing Stars!

I'll knock Jones straight to Indiana and send this Mutt to the pound!

This Temple spells Doom for you so I'd suggest you leave now!

I am the greatest of the great and I'm second to no other!

When this is done, Jones, you'll finally be back with your mother!

Indiana Jones:

I can't Strike Back if you don't attack in the first place!

I'm glad you're gone! Nobody wants to see that wrinkly face!

I'm Finn-ished with those Poe lyrics! Crushing you's not even fun!

The odds of you successfully defeating me are zero to one!

Han Solo:

Sky-walk out of this battle since there's no way you can win!

You're fighting me? I don't have a bad feeling about this!

I'm the reason for the recognition this joke has earned!

I'd say this is the first time that a waiter's been served!






Who won this battle?

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