Welcome to Epic Rap Battles of Disney, the series about (you guessed it) Dreamworks Disney! This is a series where I put Disney characters up against each other in Rap Battles. What better place for a Disney Rap Battle series than the Disney Wiki? I also have two other Rap Battle series', one on the ERB Wiki and one on the Courage the Cowardly Dog wiki. Their names are Epic Rap Battles of Gomery and Courage the Cowardly Rap Battles. This series will focus less on those two and more on Disney.

The first battle is Elsa versus Snow White. It was suggested to me by Hatter Who? and I thought it was a good idea, so I'm doing it. If you have a suggestion for this series, leave it in the comment section, but, for now, please enjoy the battle. P.S: Elsa's lyrics were originally gonna be in the color of light blue, to match her Snow Queen dress, but no one would have been able to have read it, so I stuck with regular blue.

Elsa's lyrics in blue.

Snow White's lyrics in  yellow.

The Battle:






Snow White:

There's a new ruler in town, I'm taking over your throne,

Because I am the greatest princess that Disney has ever known!

You're the typical Disney Princess who's powers have driven her mad

But For the First Time in Forever, the princess didn't get her man!

Your powers ripped off Sub-Zero's, and I think it's quite ironic

That Arendelle calls you it's queen even after freezing it solid!

This wannabe with anger issues can't do anything to me!

You aren't even the main character in your own movie!


Is that the best your got? You really need to step up your game!

This annoying-voiced twerp will never amount to my fame!

You fell faint from an apple? A crazed prince couldn't stop me!

My voice is powerful! Your high-pitched squeaking can't top me!

You're nothing but a bashful dolt, and we all know that it's true,

So step back, or I'll do what The Huntsman couldn't do to you!

This dopey little punk has finally met her match!

Fairest of them all? It takes more than looks to make you a catch!

Snow White:

I'm the first Disney Princess; You're the girl version of Jack Frost!

I don't want you around me, and so I'm Wishing you'd get lost!

I get that the success of your movie made you popular, although,

Your fans, along with the rest of America, need to Let It Go!


I'm a queen! You're a princess, and a lousy one at that!

You can't withstand my icy flows so what point are you getting at?

You're a weirdo, talking to birds, it's like you lost all your sanity!

Your attempts to take me down are all one giant vanity!






Who won the battle?

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