Welcome back to Epic Rap Battles of Disney! I'm releasing this so soon because of the habit I have of taking a year to make battles. I wanna make up for it for you guys. Which is why I'm establishing a new schedule for the remainder of this season: A new battle every Tuesday! And, since today's Tuesday, I'm starting with this one. It's Davy Jones, captain of the Flying Dutchman, going up against Captain Hook, captain of the Jolly Roger, in order to see who the superior villanious pirate captain is. Now, let me explain why this isn't Scar vs Shere Khan. It was gonna be originally. But some of the lyrics needed to be fine-tuned and stuff. I've already the next three battles fully written. The finale's gonna take some time. But I wanted to make Scar vs Shere Khan perfect for you guys, so it will be postponed. So, let's get to this one!

Davy Jones's lyrics written in this color

Captain Hook's lyrics written in this color

Mr. Smee's cameo line is written in this color

The Battle:






Davy Jones:

Welcome to the Caribbean, where I control the sea

When you fall to me, this is a Land you'll Never leave

Strap my Boot to your back and end this, no competition!

In terms of music talent, I preferred your Shrek rendition

It took the whole Pirates Court to send me to my demise

Whereas you get bested daily by a kid in green tights!

Want your other hand gone? Alright, then! Come at me!

I'll send this cowardice codpiece crying back home to his mommy!

Captain Hook:

My word, you're the ugliest creature I ever saw!

Soon you'll be fearing death, after this Toon spits Raw!

You don't know Jack about pirating, so I won't be Spare-owing you

I'll stuff you in your own locker like we're back in high school!

I'm an actual captain, you're the tentacle monster

That Japan wouldn't be caught dead having in a show's roster!

Once Upon a Time, Cthulhu's prominence was sublime,

But now he walks in my shadow, one stalagmite step at a time!

Davy Jones:

(Ugh) Based on that, you've sure released the Crap-ken

Keeping the Jolly Roger at Bay; Long live the Flying Dutchman!

Compared to me, it's plain to see that you're as soft as pirates get!

Spend an hour in my crew and you'll be wishing for death!

This blithering bilge rat is stepping up to me? What a riot!

You, a pirate? I deny it! You've Lost, Boy! Don't try it!

Your time tick tocks down; Do you fear death, kid?

You're a pansy in a dress that can't stand up to three children!

Captain Hook:

No, I'm not like you! I don't think anyone can be that heartless!

Beat you til you collapse-o and reunite you with the goddess!

I'm Elegant! It's evident we cannot say the same for you!

You're a jar of dirt and I intend on smashing this fool!

And pipe down, will ya? You're not a true musician!

Leave Neverland and don't Return, unless you want some more dissing!

We're finished here, Davy, so it's time that I end this!

Mr. Smee! Yes, Cap'n? Take this punk straight to the brig!

Outro Announcer:






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A Final Note:

Hey, guys. Amont here. Even though the remainder of Season 1 is planned out, that doesn't mean that I have the whole series planned out. There are some characters I cannot think of opponents for. If anybody can think of opponents for Bill Cipher or The Great Mouse Detective, feel free to let me know in the comments, as well as any other suggestion you might have. I'm open for anything. Also, how would you guys feel about a Disney CreepyPasta Rap Battle? I have one in mind, but I don't know if it's what you guys would like to see. Again, let me know in the comments. Well, that's enough rambling for this blog. See you next time!