When I saw the movie, I liked the part when Nick and Judy got in the car and after that Nick said that we should get out and when they did, Kevin and Raymond were there and took them to Mr. Big, and Kevin and Raymond opened the floor and when they were about to throw them in the icy cold water, Fru Fru said to Mr. Big that he should not be mean to anyone during Fru Fru's weeding, and closed the trap. The 2nd part I liked is that Yax is naked and not wearing any clothing, and when he opened the door leading to outside, the other animals were naked too without clothing. The 3rd part I liked is when Nick and Judy see Bellwether's computer in her office and looked at the cameras to see where Manchas is, and he is caught and seeing where he got taken to. The 4th part I liked is when Nick and Judy try to make a howl noise to the wolves and they howled while they got through, and went in the building to find who injured Manchas, and when they found one of Mrs. and Mr. Otterton's children, later Honey Badger and Lionheart came and later herd a noise from Judy's phone and they left and the gates locked and they only way out was flushing themselves down the toilet into the water. The 5th part I liked is when Nick and Judy go to the subway and go in the freight car and saw Doug advancing Bellwether's conspiracy to further her anti-predator agenda, and went out of the freight car talking to her rams about her plan, and Nick and Judy drive the freight car, and Doug and her rams get on and break the hatches and the window, and they try stop them and later saw a fright train going towards them and they used Doug's ram to change the tracks the other direction, and went tilting and falling over. Since I liked the movie, they should make a sequel.