100 times is a story of things that people do just to try to get other people to think real. people should care more about themselfs then what people say about them. girls are the type that think what the boy will say and if they like the boy it is harder for them to think about them and how they look and don't take themself seriously and listen to the boy they like. in the other hand boys don't care about what girls think of them well some only because others do care and they will always ask the girl do i look good or should i change and wear something eles. the girl that does not care about what the boy wears but only cares about about their love will say you look fin and the boy would probably say you to thn they will just talk and continue to care about each other, but the girl that does care about how the boy looks then she will probably spill out the truth and say you look bad.,................. to be continued!!!!!!!!!!