I do know that the disney princess franchise have become really popular ever since the first creation of the disney princesses, starting with Snow White. They famous disney princesses were based off of the most classic fairy tales ,and that Ariel is the only main disney princess to be a mother and have a family of her own. Ever since Melody started out; having her own film, her own under-the-sea adventures, and being the daughter of the famous Little Mermaid-I began to wonder if maybe disney should have a line of the Junior Disney Princesses (or Princes). Just imagine: the famous fairy tale disney princesses having their own children-like Ariel. Many fans have already done fanart of the disney princesses with children of their own, and well in the original story of the Little Mermaid; she wasn't suppose to be with the prince she loved let alone her "happily ever after", and never expected to have a child of her own-but disney changed that! I am really glad that The Little Mermaid got her happy ending and more. So, my point is why not make a line-up of Junoir Disney Princesses or Princes! :D