Attention Users, as of now I will no longer be drawing User Portraits because I wish to return to some of my old art projects that I had been doing for seven years before I joined the wikia and for two years I've abandoned it all.

I now wish to resurrect all my creations and bring them back to life creating unique art projects based on characters and places that have only existed in my incredible imaginative world.

  • Star Spin - Dating back to the Summer of 2005 I wrote and drew as series of space adventures focused around eleven teenagers, human and aliens of any sorts and by 2011 my characters evolved from just being young space kids to Star Trek like adventures combined with inspiration from Star Wars and Harry Potter that I have done very little and forgotten up till now.
  • Wilton & Rebecca - A Romeo and Juliet spin-off about a teenage couple who were once secret lovers behind their families, later became fighters of justice with a custom built artificial intelligent auto mobile. Characters and Adventures that I have grown attached too and again have done very little over the last two years.

I know for some of you this is disappointing because I've promised you all so much and now I am letting you down. Personally I don't like to disappoint people but I have a thousand projects and ideas that I have kept secret for so long and now I wish to share them with the world and most of all with you.

This concludes my announcement, thank you for your attention.