That Darn Cat! (Second Art Poster)

Animated Poster for That Darn Cat!

For a while I've had this extraordinary idea for a brand new Disney animated series based on the classic film That Darn Cat!. Full of mysteries, adventure and to top it off some comedy.

Set in New York City, That Darn Cat: The Animated Seires follows the adventures of Patti Randall, a teenage computer-whiz and her mischievous cat D.C. Together the these two unlikely heroes often find themselves on the edge of adventure whenever there is a mystery afoot. Working together, they face off some of the cities most dangerous and not so dangerous criminal masterminds and bring them to justice. At the same time, Patti struggles with her average teenage school life while D.C. tries to enjoy the average life of a cat, but with a cat like D.C. there is one heck of a menace under all that fur.

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  • Patti Randall - A teenage girl who likes to work on computers who dreams of someday becoming a computer technician. Being a computer-whiz she is very knowledgeable, smart and also clever, which she uses to her advantage when unravelling mysteries that the police cannot solve.
  • D.C. - (Short for Darn Cat) Is Patti's mischievous cat who has a habit of causing chaos and trouble for everything and everybody. Aside from being a troubling pet, Patti loves him very much because he's always there for her, wherever she goes, D.C. goes.
  • Peter Randall - Patti's father who is a common victim to all the chaos D.C. causes.
  • Mrs. Trout - The mean and bossy principle of Patti's school and hates cats because of her allergies.
  • Mr. Gottfried - The loud and annoying school janitor who is sometimes Miss Trout's right hand man in some of her schemes. He doesn't like Patti and tries to kick her out of the school and get rid of her cat D.C. but all his attempt always backfire on him.
  • Annie Clark - The school nurse who is very kind and has a secret crush on Patti's father.
  • Charles - A boy at school who takes a liking to Patti and sometimes returns the same affection.
  • Sharon - The most popular girl in Patti's school who too takes a liking to Charles and will do whatever it takes to ruin Patti's life.


# Title Summary
01 "Treasure in the Rain" Patti and D.C. end up in the possession of a antique umbrella which turns out to be a map that leads to buried treasure that is hidden somewhere within the city. The two friends must venture into the wet rainy city and find the treasure before a group of nasty greedy people get to it first and will silence anyone who will get in their way. To make matters worse, Patti and D.C. also have Mrs. Trout on their tail who wants the treasure all for herself.

B Story: Patti's father buys some new rugs for the house but due to having hard floors, he keeps slipping and sliding everywhere. So D.C. decides to help him with his problem by glueing the rugs to the floor which ends up turning into a sticky situation.

02 "Pussy Cake, Pussy Cake" The school is hosting a cake baking contest and everyone including Patti looks forward to the grand prize. However Patti and D.C. suspect someone is sabotaging the contest in order to win first prize. Patti and D.C. must find out who the saboteur is before the contest is over. However it maybe not what it appears to be.

B Story: Mr. Gottfried tries to catch D.C. and show him to the principle in order to get Patti in trouble and kicked out of the school.

03 "Cat Thieves" When her dad's car gets stolen, Patti and D.C. go out to find it before it gets sold off by a sly greedy car's sellsman who rips people off for money.

B Story: Patti takes up driving lessons and even D.C. goes for a spin as well.

04 "Adventure in Catsitting" While babysitting for a wealthy family, Patti and D.C. discover the little girl has been kidnapped. The two have four hours to find the kidnappers and rescue the poor girl before panic turns into chaos.

B Story: D.C. causes a lot of bother for the neighbours as he keeps sneaking into their house and swiping food from their kitchen, plus making their dog look like a fool.

05 "While the Cat's Away" D.C. ends up being left behind when Patti and her Father go away on a camping trip. At first he is upset of being left but soon grows fond of being home alone and starts turning the place into a kitty's playground. However when burglars attempt to break into the house it is up to D.C. to defend the place.

B story: Peter hopes this vacation will be what he needs to relieve himself from so much pain and stress caused by D.C., but comes to realize the great outdoors can be far worse than the great indoors.

05 "Calling Dr. D.C." Thanks to D.C. Patti's father becomes hospitalised with a broken arm and leg. While paying a visit, D.C. follows Patti to the hospital and the two end up playing hide and run from a security guard. At the same time, they end up playing doctors, helping several patiences with their aches and pains.

B story: Peter was doing some garden work until D.C. got in the way causing a major accident.

06 "Pattirella" Patti is looking forward to her first school dance, especially with Charles. However her new dress gets ruined by Sharon who wants Charles all for herself. On the night of the dance, Patti sadly visits her grandmother who cheers her up with a more beautiful dress that she can wear at the dance. When Sharon finds out she made it and Charles takes a liking towards her, she will do whatever it takes to ruin her. However she will have to deal with that Darn Cat of Patti's.

B Story: Gottfried makes another attempt to catch D.C. using a new expensive weapon against pests.

07 "All Sales that end Sales" During a major sale, Patti and D.C. end up being locked inside the mall after another mishap caused by her Darn Cat. To make things worse, the mall gets broken in by robbers who are after the mall's charity money and its up to them to stop the thieves.

B Story: Peter gets worried when Patti doesn't come home.

08 "Pi-Rats Ahoy" On a city cruise, a ship gets visited by pirates and hold all the passengers hostage. However Patti and D.C. are the only two who have escaped capture and must conjure up a plan to retake the ship and rescue the hostages.

B Story: Patti tries to help D.C. overcome his fear of water.

09 "Funny Money" Mr. Gottfried tries using the new school printers to photocopy money so he can make himself rich and most of all buy the school so he can throw Patti out. However with D.C. around, his plans will obviously be foiled.

B Story: Patti is feeling depressed because it is the anniversary of when her mother passed away and D.C. tries everything to cheer her up.