Space is only the beginning.
―The beginning of adventure for the Enterprise Cadets
Star Spin

Star Spin is a long story series I have written for seven years dating back to summer of 2005. It follows the extraordinary intergalactic adventures of cadet captain Alan Jones and his ship and crew of the Galactic Federation Academy. Together these young cadets explore and protect the wonders of the universe and face many dangers. Space Pirates, Thembrians, monsters, Danks and most of all the traitorous telepath Nichole Ravenscroft, leader of the ruthless military race, the Batorians Alliance of Terrorism (also known as the BATs) sworn destroy the Galactic Federation that they will someday serve after graduating from the Academy. With Alan leading the way, they are no raw cadets and nor are they average teens.

What you are about to read is the first of three/four short stories yet to come in my plan to resurrect my old stories. In this story, Alan's ship and crew become under attack by enemy fighters and when their weapons are rendered useless, they must count on their wits to get themselves out of this mess.

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Deep in the outer parts of space, the Enterprise was being pursued by a squadron of twelve BAT Fighters after dragging some unwanted attention. Soon the chase turned into a vicious dogfight with the fighters all at once opened fire on the cadet ship. At the helm were Alan and Tom trying to out manoeuvre the pursuing fighters. They jerked and rocked each time they were hit by the heavy gunfire.

“Max unless you've forgotten, we do have guns!” said Alan co-piloting the ship “If you cared to start blasting those BATs out of the stars, now would be a good time!” “I'm on it!” said Max as he armed and prepared his tactical station for usage of the ship’s torrents.

“How did we ever get into this mess?” Alan asked himself when they suddenly jerked after a laser blast. “As I recall…” said Jennifer holding tight to the handrail “Taking a short-cut through BAT territorial space was you’re doing.” “Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!” “Can you two discuss this later?” interrupted Tom “Right now we have a situation and need to get ourselves out of it!” And they stopped arguing. Max secretly made a rude comment about his captain’s command abilities until Alan went “I heard that!” and quickly focused his attention on fighting off the pursuing fighters.

A fighter from behind took aim and fired down on the Enterprise as three more came from ahead firing viciously. Using the torrents, Max returned their fire as they passed by. He was able to take out one fighter but there was still plenty more on their tail and were quick as flies. For the moment Max lost range of them until without warning one or two fighters made a charge firing like crazy and hit the bridge. The bridge burst with explosions along with two computer stations that went up in sparks. The tactical station Max was operating blew up in his face, literally. The Explosion had shot him out of his chair and was lying unconscious on the floor after hitting his head against the wall. Alan and Jennifer came to his aid and after Jennifer helped raised his head he opened his eyes and asked… “Am I dead?”

They bridge was now on fire and the Enterprise was starting to leaving a trail of sparks and smoke as the fighters continued to chase them. Worse still, two fighters ahead were coming right for them. “Hold on!” shouted Tom and turned the Enterprise onto her side, allowing the fighters to pass them and crash into two of the ones in pursuit while the rest continued on.

Down in engineering, Nym and his fellow engineers were all over the place trying to keep the Enterprise together when suddenly one of the generators that Nym was seeing too went up in sparks which meant bad news. It was one of the generators for the shields and as chief engineer he knew with buckling shields there were in for big trouble. He informed Alan about the situation and warned him if they sustain any further attacks their shields will be beyond repair. However he did say the shields were still good to handle twenty shots but he soon changed it to six when he heard another generator blow.

Alan and Jennifer helped Max to his feet and told him he needed to get back to the guns and try to shoot down as many fighters as he could, seeing their only chance now was to destroy them. Jennifer agreed but doubted shooting them down was their option right now because the tactical station was in pieces.

“Oh brilliant.” said Alan when suddenly they were bumped by two fighters “And even more brilliant.”

The two fighters biffed and bashed against the Enterprise trying to make them lose control but Tom with all grip on the wheel stayed in full hard control. Then after a few more biffs, Tom had enough “Right, so they want to shed some paint, do they?” and after giving both his hands a spit caused the Enterprise to roll, smacking the two fighters away out of control like tennis balls. Unfortunately, the two fighters managed to regain control and regroup with the other fighters.

The pilot of the leading fighter took a moment to adjust his weapon systems and then took fire. With buckling shields and disabled weapons, Alan knew their only chance was to our run them which Tom agreed too. I contacted Nym to give them more power but there was no reply. The reason was because internal comm throughout the ship was out. He turned to Max to get the comm operational but he was busy trying to get the tactical station operational so he could use the weapons. Alan however insisted on him fixing the comm so he could coordinate their attack. Then after giving him the order again, Max said no more and went to work on fixing the comm in a huff. Alan then turned to his sister and told her to go down to engineering and tell Nym get more power out of the engines in order to get themselves out of this mess.

Jennifer arrived at the engine room and found Nym affecting repairs and adjustments to the works under the floors. The moment his head popped up to get a tool, Jennifer called to him. “I'm a little busy.” He said and went back under the floors when a laser blast jerked them causing his chest of tools to fall on his head. He came back up again rubbing his head. “What is it commander? Shouldn't you be on the bridge?” “Internal comm is out and until Max can get them operational, I've come to give you instructions.”

Nym was shocked when he heard Jennifer say Max was working on the comm instead on the weapons. “I don’t need to talk to Captain Jones right now; you get back to the bridge and tell Max to get back to work on the weapons!” “Alright, you don’t have to bite my head off!” replied Jennifer and left as Nym added to tell Tom to fly better.

She returned to the bridge with Nym's report, however she told a different version to what he originally said. "He wants Max back on the weapons and mentioned something about Tom’s flying being unprofessional." "Is that so?" replied Tom who took that a very offensive and reacted pulling back hard on the stick going for a high speed climb. Everyone on the bridge held on tight as they felt the acceleration of their ship. "As always I have to do everything." said Tom and then went in for a dive towards the incoming fighters. When they saw the Enterprise coming right for them, they quickly chickened out in order to dodge them. They turned away so soon, they weren't able to warn one another and several of them crashed into each other. Four fighters were still remaining and turned around after the Enterprise.

“Smart move…” said Jennifer “But you missed four out of three.” “Oh yeah?” replied Tom and steered the ship towards a nearby barge vessel towing plasma fuel. Alan noticed he was literally heading straight for those barges. He ordered him to turn away but Tom ignored him. “Tom, that’s an order! Turn away! Turn away!” Tom still ignored him and they were getting dangerously closer towards the barges that they would not be able to turn away in time. However Tom wasn't worried and was showing a daring smile. He placed his hand on one of the throttles and then at the last moment, fired the retros giving him the chance turn away by an inch. As for the fighters they were unable to turn away in time and they all crashed right into the barges causing them all to explode as the Enterprise left the scene. The chase was over.

“Once again my fine display of professional flying saves the day.” said Tom feeling pleased with himself. But instead of a compliment on a job well done, all he got was a lot of cadets who all looked scared to death. “Oh come on, it wasn't that terrifying.” “I thought we agreed the next time you pull that stunt, you give us the heads up.” said Alan with his heart still panting. “Well, life’s tough.” said Tom and Jennifer gave him a slap round the head. “You got that right.” she said and walked away leaving Tom rubbing his head before returning to the controls mumbling. Then with a pull on one of the throttles, they jumped into hyperspace.