Since a third season has now been confirmed, I have come to ask myself the fourth special should be about and which Disney Princess will appear unless it will be the first one not to introduce one.

Here's my idea for a fourth Sofia the First special. Its plot does share a few similarities to Frozen and yes the princess who appears is Anna, even though they are not officially part of the line-up but its what I could think of and I like it.

The New Characters

  • Princess Patrisha - The youngest princess from a distant kingdom and Melissa's younger sister who is about Sofia's age. She is known to be very devoted to her beliefs and no matter what she always stands her ground when looking up to her big sister.
  • Princess Melissa - The oldest princess and Patrisha's older sister. She was born with incredible telepathic abilities and is known to be very afraid of herself because of being unable to control her own powers. When things go wrong for her, she quickly loses all hope and comes to believe that these powers make her a monster, but no matter what her friends and family are always there to help her not give up. She also becomes the only one aware of Cedric's plot to steal Sofia's amulet.
  • The Bear - Living in the woods, the bear plays a subplot where he's trying to help himself to the honey packed in Sofia's stuff only to be misunderstood for chasing them. Through the course of their journey in looking for Melissa, the Bear ends up getting a lot of bad luck to the end where he becomes exhausted. In the end the misunderstanding is cleared up and gives the three princesses a ride back to the caslte.
  • The Captain of the Guards - He never knew about Melissa's magic until she accidentally turned her parents to stone. She declared her a witch and led the castle guards in a hunt for her. He is known to be extremely paranoid and selfish.


The story opens with the Royal family at another Tri-Kingdom Picnic and while exploring the woods, Sofia spots one or two strangers in the distance. They hide and run and she tries to catch up with them, saying... "Don't be afraid". Suddenly she falls into a nearby river gets washed away, crying for help. However no one comes until suddenly she's magically lifted out of the water and brought to shore by the strangers she was following. The two strangers are two young girls who appear to be travellers. The youngest calls herself Patrisha and the oldest is her sister Melissa. After wrapping up the soaked princess, Sofia's parents show up and are grateful for what the two sisters did and offer to let them stay at their castle.

At the castle, Melissa and Patrisha share a secret with Sofia. The reason Sofia was lifted out of the water without the use of ropes or someone reaching out was because Melissa telepathically brought her to shore. Melissa reveals she has special telepathic abilities. Whatever she thinks of she can make it happen, she can understand animals and hear people's thoughts. Clearly her abilities are unlimited but also dangerous. Patrisha and Melissa are princesses of a far away kingdom who are on the run from their own Royal Guards because Melissa had an accident with her powers. In a state of panic, she turned everyone including her parents to stone after accidentally exposing her magic to the whole kingdom. Melissa was often capable of mastering her powers but they were very strong to a point where she couldn't control it. Their own Captain tried to arrest Melissa and have her banished for actions against the king but Patrisha helped her sister escape. Now that her secret was exposed and everyone she cared about was in panic of what they've seen, Melissa wasn't so sure about know what to do.

Sofia feels sorry for Melissa and doesn't believe her powers are dangerous, more like amazing because she saved her with them. She decides to introduce them to Cedric the Sorcerer and ask him if he could teach Melissa how to master her abilities. Cedric is reluctant to help her but still goes ahead with it. During their time together, Melissa discovers his devious schemes against the Royal Family and his plans to steal the Amulet of Avalor. She confronts him about it and threatens to expose everything to the Royal family because of how disgusted she is with Cedric. Sofia trusts him and considers him as a friend and yet he is plotting behind her back. However before Melissa can tell the Royal Family about Cedric, the castle is visited by the Castle Guards who are looking for Patrisha and Melissa and when they find them, the Captain attempts to arrest Melissa. But in a state of panic, Melissa turns everyone, including the guards and Sofia's family to stone. Even though it was an accident, Melissa comes to believe she is dangerous and cannot be helped. With that she runs away despite, Sofia and Patrisha's best intentions to stop her.

Both princesses still agree that Melissa is the only one who can reverse this curse and together they venture off into the woods to find her. during their journey they end up being followed by an goofy food-loving Bear who wants to help himself to some of their honey packed in their food. Thinking he's chasing them, the princesses make a run for their lives while the Bear tries to catch up with them, getting a lot of aches and pains in the process.

Sofia and Patrisha find Melissa on the mountain tops hiding. They try to convince her to return to the castle but Melissa is too scared too and thinks all she'll do is make things worse. She also doesn't even believe she can undo what she had done and when Patrisha tries to get close to her, Melissa accidentally turns her into a statue. Afraid of hurting Sofia, she uses her abilities to send her far away to safety. When Sofia feels all hope is lost, her amulet summons Princess Anna who helps her find a way to get through to Melissa. She tells her how she never gave up on her sister when was afraid of herself. Anna's efforts and love for her sister, Elsa found the courage to undo the eternal winter that she cast upon their kingdom. After Anna disappears, Sofia finds her way back to Melissa again. She almost tries to make her go away again but Sofia is able to get a chance to help her find the courage needed to undo what she is done by explaining how much her sister and family have done to help her and no matter how bad things have become, they never gave up on her. Melissa gains more confidence and in being able to free her sister and everyone else from their petrified state.

With help from the Bear after clearing a misunderstanding, they make it back to the castle and before the Captain can take her into custody, Patrisha and Melissa's father shows up free from stone. Furious to hear what his own captain has been trying to do, he fires him and Cedric does the honour of sending him on his way. After seeing he does have a heart, Melissa decides not to expose him but makes him promise to look out for Sofia as she trusts him and looks up to him. Patrisha and Melissa are happily reunited with their mother and father and decide to spend a day or two with Sofia's family where Melissa blossoms the whole kingdom with beautiful flowers and sunshine.