I previously wrote a made up Sofia the First special titled "The Enchanted Sisters" and I recently came up with my newest idea for a Sofia the First special, could possibly work for the fourth season. I call this one "Magic of the Genie Princess".

Some of you at first may assume I got the idea from Aladdin, well wrong because my inspiration really came from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. If this were real it be full of music and magic and I think this one is a lot better than my previous story.

In this story, Princess Sofia and her family revisit the Kingdom of Tangu and while exploring the desert with Amber, they come across an ancient cave full of treasure. While there, Sofia comes across a lamp and decides to take it home with her to bring in for show and tell at Royal Prep. When she gets home, Sofia, Amber and James discover the Lamp is magic and inside contains a genie who can grant them each three wishes. Unfortunately a wicked sorcerer seeks the lamp and use it to make himself the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

The New CharactersEdit

  • Jeannie - A little genie who has been imprisoned inside a magic lamp for three centuries, and being a genie she has the power to grant anyone three wishes. To Sofia, Amber and James, Jeannie is amazing but despite being magical she does wish to have freedom and become a princess like her masters.
  • Lord Muldo - The wicked Royal Sorcerer of Tangu who seeks the power of the lamp and become the most powerful sorcerer known to man.


By flying coach, Sofia and her family travel to the Kingdom of Tangu for a visit and to invite Zandar's family to the Kingdom of Enchancia's 300th anniversary ball. When they arrive, Sofia and Amber decide to go adventuring on the Magic Carpet and find something interesting for their show and tell at school. Their adventure leads them to a cave hidden deep within the side of a canyon. Amber is uneasy about exploring the dark spooky cave but Sofia chooses to go exploring and Amber reluctantly goes with her, only because she doesn't want to be left alone. They find the gave to be an ancient temple and too their surprise loaded with treasure. gold, jewels and diamonds, much to Amber's delight. Sofia's eyes catch the sight of a golden oil lamp. Amber doesn't really show an interest in it because its nothing fancy as all the jewellery among the treasure. Suddenly the cave begins to shudder but thanks to their Magic Carpet the two princesses escape from the collapsing cave, leaving behind all the treasure. All except the lamp. When they return to their family and show what they found, Tangu's royal sorcerer takes an immediate interest in the lamp for some reason and tries to persuade Sofia into giving it to her but she doesn't.

Two days later, Sofia and her family had returned and Sofia, Amber and James were at school. Sofia plans to present the lamp at show and tell, but as she starts giving it a last minute clean before presentation, the lamp begins to sparkle and shake every time she rubs it. Then after James gives it a good hard rub, the lamp springs wildly to life and lets out a genie named "Jeannie". Sofia, Amber and James are at first spooked by Jeannie but they soon come to like her, especially after she reveals that she can grant them each three wishes. The three of them decided to keep Jeannie a secret from the friends and family. However their secret nearly gets revealed when James wishes for a pet dragon, scarring Professor Popov who runs away to tell the Fairies. Sofia wishes the dragon away and Jeannie disguises herself as a princess just as the Fairies. The Royals then spend the rest of the rest of the day making wishes and Jeannie adapts well to being princess like her new masters/friends. However, Jeannie knows that this enjoyment will not last because after she has fulfilled Sofia, Amber and James' wishes, she will be imprisoned inside the lamp for another thousand years. Sofia can't help but feel sorry for her new friend and promises to use her last wish to grant her freedom, which makes Jeannie really happy.

On the day before the anniversary ball, King Roland finally finds out about Jeannie after James wishes for a jungle adventure, turning the inside of the castle into a jungle, only for Amber to wish everything back to normal. Jumping to the conclusion that Jeannie is dangerous to his kids, he sends her back in the lamp and takes her away from Sofia, Amber and James. Sofia refuses to let her dad take away Jeannie's freedom and goes off to free her, unaware that Cedric, who had seen everything, sees the lamp as his chance to take over the kingdom while Lord Muldo is thinking the same devious thing. Sofia finds the lamp and lets Jeannie out but just before she can wish her free, Wormwood swipes the lamp out of her hands and chase between her, Cedric and Muldo begins. Throughout the castle they chase after the lamp and each time they catch it, it slips away until they reach the banquet hall.

Lord Muldo finally gains possession of the lamp and reveals his true wicked colours to the King and Queen of Tangu by wishing to rule as Sultan and has the castle of Enchancia transformed into palace suitable for an evil ruler. When no one bows to him, he wishes Jeannie to make him the most powerful and most fearsome sorcerer in the world, giving him powers beyond Cedric's capabilities. When Roland tries to seize him, Muldo turns him into a pig. He then makes the royal guests his servants and those who refused got turned into animals or lifeless objects. Sofia, Amber, James and Cedric are the only ones left who can stop Muldo and they try to get the lamp back. Unfortunately Amber, James and Cedric end up being sent away or turned into something lifeless, with only Sofia still standing. Just when Lord Muldo has Sofia at her mercy, she cleverly convinces him that without Jeannie he is powerless and should she be taken away from him and everything he has, even his power will be lost. Lord Muldo fools for it and in order to keep his ultimate power, he wishes Jeannie to turn him into a genie. It is at this point Muldo realises his mistake, now that he is a genie he gets everything that goes with it, including a lamp to contain him.

With Muldo defeated, Sofia uses her last wish to return everything to normal, despite her promise to wish Jeannie free. However Jeannie couldn't care less about her freedom as long as Sofia got her family and friends back. Roland apologizes to Jeannie for judging her and agrees that she is a good person and doesn't blame her for the magic she cast against him and everyone else. Jeannie is okay with it but remains sad that she will soon return another century of imprisonment. Amber notices her sadness and steps forward tell Sofia and Jeannie that she still has one last wish left. She also appears to know exactly what to wish for and that is, much to everyone's surprise, make Jeannie a real princess. The lamp levitates out of Amber's hands and grants her wish freeing Jeannie and makes her a princess. Jeannie is overjoyed with happiness, finally free from the lamp and best of all she is adopted by Zandar's family. The story ends with everyone celebrating Enchancia's 300th anniversary, when three hundred years ago Sofia's home kingdom was found.