I wasn't sure about displaying my own art work or if it was even allowed but I decided to go with it and display. To see more of my work beyond Disney please visit my DeviantART site: Alex2424121 DeviantART

Frozen Fan-Art

Before the film was released I saw a lot of fan made artwork, spoilers, books and plenty more and so I decided to have a go myself. I started with tracing over snapshots and book covers. The last two I did entirely alone, No tracing over. The fourth and fifth drawings were originally going to be portraits but I couldn't resist doing the whole body.

Darkwing Duck Fan-Art

My drawings of Darkwing Duck and Negaduck from one of my favourite Disney Afternoon shows Darkwing Duck.

The 7D Fan-Art

Drawings of the Characters from Disney XD's latest animated series The 7D. The Glooms are basically my top pieces of art based on the series especially the bratty witch Hildy Gloom.

Various Fan-Art

I originally did two drawings of Stitch but I dumped the first one but kept the second one. The picture of stitch is a sequence from Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch. The Archimedes picture was difficult because I found it hard not to laugh at this particular sequence. Lastly my latest achievements was an animated adaptation of That Darn Cat.