I know there is the game Maleficent: Free Fall but to be honest I would like to see something more game console based, a game where you can operate the main character in a three dimensional world like the single person games and I have a few ideas for a more active Maleficent video game that I dreamt up overnight.

In my vision of a video game based on the film you get a new twist, instead of fighting the boss characters you play as the bosses in a way. You would play as both Maleficent and as Diaval.

When you play as Maleficent you use her evil powers to battle enemies, solve puzzles, clear passages or restore things to collect points. When in combat the more enemies you defeat the more powerful you become to switch to Diaval and battle your enemies as either a wolf or a dragon depending on what level you’re on or become a bird or a mouse to reach the places that Maleficent can’t. The one thing you would have to watch out for is iron materials as its Maleficent’s weakness in the film.

The cinematic scenes will be still images featuring animated versions of the live-action characters with the story being told by an elderly Aurora.

Ideas for Game Levels

Level 1 – Once Upon A Time

In the first level you play as a young Maleficent and you at this point have the ability to fly which will help you glide from high places and across distant jumps. Your assignment will be to find the Boy that has invaded the Moors and capture him.

Level 2 – Battle of the Moors

You now play as a much older Maleficent and battle the invading army that threatens to conquer the Moors and since you don’t have Diaval yet you can switch to members of the Forest Army when you achieve a power up. The first boss would be King Henry.

Level 3 – Not Welcomed

The level will start at the Moors and you will make your way to the royal christening of the baby Aurora. You can either walk or ride Diaval as a horse. After cursing the infant princess, You must flee the castle while Stefan’s guards attempt to attack you. Now that you have Diaval by your side you can switch to him battling your enemies as a wolf.

Level 4 – The Search for the Princess

Starting from the Moors Maleficent and Diaval go out into the night looking for Aurora and along the way you come across men that will try to kill you. You will encounter several soldiers and engage them in a few combats. Again you can either walk or ride Diaval as a horse.

Level 5 – Curious Little Beastie

After sixteen years watching over Aurora, Maleficent attempts to bring her to the moors but you engaged a battle against Stefan’s men. You will be able again to switch to Diaval and battle your enemies as a wolf. The second boss would be King Stefan’s Captain.

Level 6 - Before the Sunsets on Her Sixteenth Birthday

Now that you are trying to protect Aurora, you must go looking for Phillip, the prince Aurora just met and attempts to bring him to her before she pricks her finger and fall into her death-like sleep.

Level 7 – True Love's Kiss

Maleficent fails to reach Aurora in time but now you must sneak into the castle in order to bring Philip to Aurora. Unfortunately his kiss fails to wake her but Maleficent's motherly love for Aurora is enough to break the spell.

Level 8 – The Ambush

In your attempt to flee the castle your are ambushed by King Stefan and his men. You will be able to switch to Diaval and become a dragon when you achieve a power up. During the course of the level, Maleficent will regain her wings and battle against Stefan. The final boss would clearly be King Stefan.