It has come to my attention that I think the Television Infobox needs a major makeover and bring it up to date, comparing it with the infoboxes for films, episodes, music and locations.

From my point of view it looks old fashion, pretty dull and something that was back in 2007 or from what you use to see or get on older computers. If it had a little advanced brightening up it could stand out better with all the rest.

Perhaps like the Infobox for the films and episodes include a framing around the box, use a colour change but what? There has already been Blue, Green, Red, Brawns, Grey, ah...Darker Blue? Or perhaps stick with the current colours and shift it about here and there. What would really work better is to include white text for the title box like all the others and get rid of the linings that divides the information, it looks too old fashion. the box where the image goes could do with a fix up as the image doesn't completely go into the centre. If you notice an image is more to one side, the right

To those who can make these changes possible take my proposal to thought because its clear it needs an extreme 2014 makeover and would be good for TV Shows in the near future.