For a TV Series I've come up with a few ideas that could make good episodes.

The series would be set after the events of the first film following the royal sisters Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen on magical adventures with their friends Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. The series would introduce new songs, new friends and new enemies, plus some returns of Hans and The Duke of Weselton who would try to rid or seek revenge against the Snow Queen.

If any of you guys have any ideas for some episodes please feel free to share them and perhaps I'll add them to the list.

Episode Ideas

# Title Summary
01 A Flame from the Past The kingdom of Arendelle has been rampaged by a dragon and a group of travelling hunters sail into port. Anna becomes suspicious of her sister when she ventures out into the woods alone at night and finds out the dragon is a close childhood friend of Elsa's. With the hunters getting close Anna, Elsa and their friends will do whatever it takes to protect their dragon friend from being discovered.
02 That's what Sisters are For The Winter Ball draws near and Elsa wants to show Anna how much she appreciates her but doesn't know what kind of gift to give her. In the end she learns that being around her sister is the best gift anyone can have.

This episode would loosely be based on the book Elsa's Gift.

03 The Little Reindeer While picking flowers for the kingdom's Royal festival Anna and Elsa find a lost baby reindeer. They take the little thing home and try to nurse it to health. During the little Reindeer's stay in the castle, Sven becomes quite jealous of all the attention he's getting.

This episode would loosely be based on the book A New Reindeer Friend.

04 Princess Hard at Work Anna gets tired of being a princess and wants to do something that she can do to help the community. She takes up school teaching but finds it to be very difficult when the children give her trouble. When she takes them on a hike in the forest and get lost its up to Anna to get the children safely home.
05 The Snow Queens While out exploring the woods, Anna meets a elderly woman who gives her a strange looking statue, little does she know that its enchanted. When Elsa breaks it, she is magically split into two beings, one side good and one side she has always feared since childhood. Anna must re-merge the two Snow Queens into one before the evil Elsa sets off another eternal winter across the kingdom.
06 A Tangled Situation When Anna and Elsa make a royal visit to the kingdom of Corona, Rapunzel's former stepmother Mother Gothel has somehow returned from the ashes and seeks to recapture Rapunzel. However she will need to handle her new friends Elsa and Anna first if she wants to regain possession of her healing powers.
07 Do You Want to Build A Snowman The kingdom of Arendelle is holding a snowman competition and seeing Olaf being the only living snowman in the kingdom, Elsa decides to bring the prize snowmen to life so Olaf would have others like him to hang around. However Olaf's new friends turn out to be troublemakers and must be stopped before they cause too much trouble.
08 Something's Chilling When Arendelle gets struck by a mysterious heatwave, Anna and Elsa check it out and find the cause to be an ill-tempered girl named Tricia, similar to Elsa she has magical powers expect she posses the opposite, fire. Because of being neglected for a monster she has no care for anyone who is normal and Anna and Elsa must try to convince her to change her ways before she barbecues the kingdom.
09 Queen for a Day While Elsa is away, Anna is left in charge of the kingdom and soon comes to realize how difficult it is. It gets even worse when she tries to use magic to make her job more easier.
10 Thaw another Frozen Heart While Anna and Olaf are walking around the fjord gathering berries, Anna finds a leaf that has been torn into two half's. When Anna takes it she hears a voice saying: "I am a lonely girl that has been stuck in this leaf for many years because of a bad witch's curse. if you wanna release me then you have to find the other half of my leaf in the southern part of the north mountain."

Anna finds Elsa immediately and head off to the north mountain with Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. They arrive at Elsa's former ice palace and decide to spend the night there, where they meet Marshmellow who is delighted to see Elsa again. Next morning they reach the bad witch's hideout and even though not easy they succeed in shattering the witch's curse releasing the girl.

11 The Ghost of Arendelle Its a sad day for both Anna and Elsa as its the anniversary when their parents were lost at sea. Elsa who still misses them very much, spends the day hiding herself in her room as she wants to be sadly left alone. The sad day for the two sisters soon turns chaotic when a ghost starts causing chaos throughout the castle, bringing Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven's worse fears to life. They must find a way to defeat this nasty specter before he gets them first.
12 Winter Springs Its the time of spring and there is romance in the air especially for Anna and Kristoff except for Elsa. Since being concealed from the rest of the world she had no interaction with other people and never met anyone special. However she was still happy and always hoped that someday she would meet the prince of her dreams.

The two sisters were having the kingdom prepare for the Village Spring Ball when Elsa bumped into a blacksmith named Robertson who just saved her form a charging horse. When he looked at the queen its love at first site and Anna also notices this. Anna decides to help the shy blacksmith win her sister's heart and not to be afraid for who he is.

13 Sirens of the Ice Arendelle is visited by a group of beautiful women with such enchanting voices. Little does everyone know these young beautiful singers are in fact evil Sirens who are after all the youth in the kingdom. Their enchanted singing sends everyone including Anna and Kristoff into a trance that makes anyone who hears their voice admire them.

Elsa, Olaf and Sven appear immune to their enchanted singing which means its up to the Snow Queen, a Snowman and a Reindeer to silent the evil Sirens.