I came up with an idea for a Frozen short like Tangled Ever After, I call it Olaf's Nose. The story is like Tangled Ever After more focused on the supporting characters Olaf and Sven like Pascal and Maximus. In this story Olaf looses his nose after sneezing and he and Sven spend the whole day chasing after it.

Here below is rough idea of the story I have created.


It was a bright and sunny day in the kingdom of Arendelle and Olaf the Snowman and Sven the Reindeer are taking a walk in the woodland hills, having a wonderful time. Olaf passes a flower and stops. "Hello." he says and takes a big sniff at it. Suddenly he feels like he's going to sneeze and with a big "ACHOO" his carrot nose shoots off and lands into the nearby river.

Olaf and Sven chase after it as it floats away and too their shock they see a waterfall straight ahead. Sven and Olaf get ahead and Olaf hangs from a tree branch hoping to catch his nose as it passes by. Unfortunately due to having a body that falls apart, he loses his left arm while pulling his nose against the running water. the carrot goes over the waterfall only to be saved by a crow which flies away in the direction of the village.

Olaf after fixing on a new arm rejoins with Sven and chase after the crow. they charge through the busy village passing and dodging markets and people. With his eyes on the crow, Olaf gets on top of Sven, removes his left arm and after taking aim he throws it at the crow like a harpoon. His arm catches his carrot nose and lands somewhere near the harbour. Sven and Olaf head for the harbour only to their shock find it piled with thousands of carrots. It is clear to them that finding Olaf's nose will be like looking for a needle in a haystack but they press on with their search.

Olaf digs through the stack of carrots and at the same time tries some of them on. Some big, some small, some fat and some skinny. Even some that were not very nice or strange looking. Sven rather than helping him search was helping himself to a snack. Just then the man selling the carrots angrily chased off Olaf and Sven back to the village where they hide for sometime and when they return to the harbour they find all the carrots gone, not even his nose was around.

Olaf and Sven sadly return to the Caslte where they meet up with Anna and Elsa. The two sisters can see their little snowman friend is unhappy and surprisingly give him back his nose. It turns out they bought the carrots and found his nose among the pile. Olaf gives the two sisters a big hug and they hug back.

Olaf notices that Anna or Elsa are wearing some kind of perfume and the strong smell makes him feel like sneezing again. This time he manages to hold it but instead of his nose shooting off, his head shoots off.