In recent years, Disney's display of "True Love" in their films has changed since the turning of the decade, as its no longer focused around the romance between a man and a woman but around the bond between family and friends.

Its clearly not the traditional True Love but it is the kind of True Love that is one of the many important lessons in life.


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The bond between a mother and her daughter

Merida accidentally turns her Mother into a bear and the only way to reverse the spell is to mend the mother-daughter bond they once had. Merida first believed mending the tapestry would be the answer but as it turns out it wasn't. Thinking she has failed, she tearfully hugs her mother apologizing for everything and tells her she loves her. As the sun completely rises, She feels a human hand touching her hair and realizes Elinor is human again. Merida's love for her mother is what restores Elinor to human form and their mother-daughter bond.


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Anna and Elsa were once very close until Elsa's magic nearly harmed her sister and kept herself away from her. When Elsa freeze's Anna's heart, her only chance to save her life would be an act of True Love. She at first hoped Hans was her chance to live until he revealed his true colors to her. When she saw Hans was about to kill Elsa she risked her life to save her blocking his sword as she turned to ice. Elsa breaks into tears over the loss of her sister but soon thereafter, Anna thaws from her frozen state, beginning around her heart, as Anna's willingly ultimate sacrifice for Elsa has constituted an act of true sisterly love.


Maleficent (2)

The mother and daughter-like relationship between Maleficent and Aurora

A retelling of Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent out of revenge curses Aurora to fall into a death-like slumber on her sixteenth birthday. Despite her dislike for the little beastie, Maleficent reluctantly takes care of her from afar and Aurora comes to believe she is her Fairy Godmother. The two eventually develop a mother and daughter-like relationship and when Aurora falls to the curse, Maleficent's motherly love for her was enough to wake her from her slumber.