I write this because I believe Birth Dates in Character Infoboxes should be removed because some people fill it in based on facts thought up by fans.

User:Weedle McHairybug believes that Airel's birthday is 1810 because he thinks during the lifetime of Hans Christian Anderson yet at least 16 years before he wrote "The Little Mermaid" This is implied in the TV series episode "Metal Fish", due to her not only meeting Hans Christian Anderson, but her encounter with him directly inspired the creation of the The Little Mermaid itself, which was written in 1835 and published in 1836.

I do not buy this at all because he's basing this on his own facts and beliefs, most of all the animated Hans Christian Andersen and the real Hans Christian Andersen are not the same person, they may share the same name and characteristics but the roles of their lives are totally different.

This is one of the reasons why I wish Birth Dates should be removed from all Character Infoboxes, even though some characters have birthdays but clearly specific dates are hardly ever mentioned or shown in films/shows. If there were specific dates they should have been on Official Disney sites or from the Studios but apparently they're not.

Something needs to be done because if we don't people who read what is there will imprint on those kind of facts and believe what irrational fans believe even when its not officially true. Birth Dates should be permitted to actor/actress inforboxes only.

My final massage to everyone is you shouldn't always believe everything you read.

I'm willing to let in a vote if the Birth Dates in Character Infoboxes should go or stay, allowing other people to open their own opinions.

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