So after seeing Elena and the Secret of Avalor, it is revealed that Chancellor Esteban betrayed his family and helped Shuriki invade Avalor. From a certain point of view he was responsible Elena's imprisonment inside the Amulet of Avalor and the death of King Raul and Queen Lucia, even though he did not intend for that to happen. It begs to wonder if Elena will ever find out and when she does who knows what the outcome might be. The thought of all this has given me an idea for an episode which I call "Back to the Maruvians", so named because it involves time travel and the heading is a reference to Back to the Future.


The story begins with it being Isabel's Birthday, but Isabel is not very much in the mood of celebrating. She still misses her parents, and because they will not be around to wish her Happy Birthday it leaves her feeling sad and quiet. Her sister and grandparents try to cheer up but no matter what they try they cannot get her to smile. Seeing all this sorrow makes Esteban feel incredibly guilty, as he was responsible for everything that happened to Avalor and his family. Sometimes he wishes that he could change things, but as Higgins says "You can't change the past". Higgins' choice of words spark an idea in Esteban's head, that he rushes to the castle library and looks up a book on Maruvian treasures. He finds a page on a Maruvian artifact known as the Dial of Ages; a magic sundial that, according to legend, has the power to travel trough time. Esteban sees this as an opportunity to make things right, because if he finds the dial he can use it to change the past by stopping himself from helping Shuriki invade Avalor.

Meanwhile, Elena and her grandparents are attempting to make one last effort to cheer up Isabel with a surprise party. Elena goes looking Esteban and eventually finds him all dressed to go on a hike. When Elena asks Esteban why he is all dressed like so, he nervously says that he is going out for a walk as it was a lovely day. However, Elena doubt that he was just going for a walk, judging by all the clothes and the gear he had. Then before she could ask more questions Esteban races off with Higgins carrying all his bags. Elena wonders what her cousin is up to and decides to follow him with Mateo accompanying her. Later, in the jungle, Esteban and Higgins find their way to the Maru ruins where they find a temple which is said to have the Dial of Ages. However, there was a chance that the dial may not even exist because it was pure myth. But to Estabens joy and relief they find the Dial of Ages. In order for the dial's magic to work, Esteban must bring it out into the sun. As he does so he bumps into Elena and Mateo and notice him with the dial. Mateo immediately realizes what it is and warns Esteban to keep it out of the sun. Esteban does not listen, and through a struggle the dial ends up in the sunlight, causing it to glow bright in Elena, Esteban and Mateo's grasp. Then in a flash the three of them disappear before Higgin's eyes and instantaneously find themselves outside the temple which no longer appears to be a ruin. Elena, Esteban and Mateo have traveled back in time, but instead of travelling to the time before Shuriki's invasion, as Esteban planned, they've ended up at a time when the Maruvians once roamed the land.

Since the sun has set upon arrival, Elena, Esteban and Mateo will have to wait until morning to use the dial's magic again to send them home. During their stay they are warmly welcomed by the Maruvians, and a past Zuzo. The kind ruler of Maru, accompanied by Zuzo recognize the Dial of Ages and deduce that Elena, Esteban and Mateo are from the future. According to Mateo and the Ruler of Maru the Dial of Ages magically records all history of the world and is not meant to be used to rewind time. When Elena asks Esteban why he dared use it for such a purpose, he finally admits the truth of his treachery. With every word from Esteban, Elena is left shocked and devastated. She finds it hard to believe that her only cousin and member of the Royal Council helped Shuriki invade Avalor at the cost of her parent's lives and her freedom. Sad and angry, Elena pushes Esteban away when he tries to beg for forgiveness. She tells Esteban that when they return home she will remove Esteban from Royal Council and then walks away in tears.

All by herself, Elena is visited by Zuzo. He comments on what she said to Esteban was kind of mean, only for Elena to state that he betrayed her and her family. But Zuzo points out even though what he did was wrong, he showed her that he went out of his way to make things right again by trying to use the Dial of Ages to change the past. Prevent Elena's forty-one year imprisonment inside the Amulet of Avalor, the death of her parents, and Shuriki from invading Avalor. Listening to all this helps Elena understand that Esteban was trying to make it up to her. It is almost sunrise when Elena returns to Mateo. When the sun rises they can use dial's magic to return them to their own time. But if either one of them is not present by the time the sun shines upon the dail they will get left behind. The two of them realize that Esteban is no where to be seen. Elena decides to go look for him, but has little time. If she and Esteban don't get the dial before the sun rises they will be stranded in the past forever. Elena finds Esteban by himself, who does not intend on returning to Avalor. Because of all the wrong he has done, he feels everyone would be happier without him in their lives. However, Elena wants him to be in her life because he is still family. Realizing that he is forgiven, Esteban decides to go back with Elena. But the sun is almost up, so Elena and Esteban make a run for it back to the dial. Pretty soon the sun begins to shine upon the dial, but Elena and Esteban make it time to return to the future with Mateo.

Elena, Esteban and Mateo make it back to their own time, moments after they left. They decide head back to the castle, but not before Esteban tosses the Dial of Ages into the sea, never to be seen again. Upon returning to the castle, both a Elena and Esteban help Isabel come out of her shell of sorrow and welcome her to her birthday party. Even without her parents, Isabel sees that she still has plenty of family who love her and are there for her. Then Isabel finally smiles and wants to enjoy her birthday.