Since I saw the movie Maleficent and the character Mal from the upcoming television movie Descendants, I've come up with a interesting idea for a new type of animated Series called Adventures With Maleficent.

Set around twenty years before the events of Sleeping Beauty the series follows the life and adventures of the wicked fairy Maleficent in her teenage years. The series would also include younger versions of King Stefan, King Hubert and Queen Leah who use to be friends with the wicked fairy. Together they embark on incredible magical adventures and fight against the evil troll King Hogface who strives to conquer the land.

The series would combined both the 1959 film and the 2014 film but more close to the tradition of the 1959 film.


  • Maleficent - A proud, elegant and yet trouble making fairy with horns who likes being wicked but deep down she is not all evil as everyone thinks.
  • Diablo - Maleficent's loyal raven by her command can assume the shape of any kind of animal or a man.
  • Princess Leah - A Princess who becomes Maleficent's first friend and tries to help her find her goodness. Much like her future daughter she is beautiful and graceful.
  • Prince Stefan - Son of King Howard, he is brave and noble.
  • Prince Hubert - A close friend of Stefan who worries a lot.
  • King Hogface - The main antagonist of the series. In the series he is the ruler of the Forbidden Mountain before Maleficent took over. He desires to conquer the entire land even if he has to do by force.
  • Goons - Before they became Maleficent's minions they were Hogface's. Like in the 1959 film they are not so bright but powerful soldiers.


# Title Summary
01 "Once Upon a Fairy" In the time of summer, King Howard's Castle is visited by two kings from different kingdoms who have also brought their children Hubert and Leah. They are given a warm welcome by the kingdom but the celebration is soon interrupted when an army of trolls kidnap Princess Leah only to be rescued by the wicked fairy Maleficent. Leah learns that Maleficent is not all evil as everyone thinks, in reality she's just a lonely girl with no friends.

Maleficent and Leah soon become the best of friends and secretly get together in the woods. When Leah invites Maleficent to a party at the castle, things don't turn out so well when she attacks people for insulted her and mostly making fun of her horns. After storming out Leah goes after her but ends up being recaptured by the trolls and taken to the Forbidden Mountain where King Hogface wishes to marry her and threatens to destroy the castle if she refuses.

When Stefan and Hubert go out to rescue her, they go to Maleficent for help but still upset about the incident at the party, she refuses and so the two princes go out alone. In the end Maleficent helps them rescue Leah and stop Hogface from destroying the Castle with his gigantic catapult which can launch tons of boulders from an extremely far distance.

02 "Wicked Heat Wave" It becomes the hottest day of the year and for some strange reason the rivers and streams have stopped flowing with water. Maleficent and the royals go off to investigate and discover the source of the water has been blocked by a rock slide. Things get more complicated when the source is also the home of nasty goblins.
03 "One Fairy and a Toddler" Maleficent finds a little girl lost in the woods takes her home. After returning her home, she secretly helps her parents who are being cheated out of their farm by a wicked tax collector from the castle.
04 "Best Bird in the Show" Maleficent decides to go to the kingdom's fair in disguise and enters Diablo in a pet contest. Unfortunately Maleficent's desire to win lures her into cheating by placing spells on the other competitions. Its now up to Leah to teach her that winning is not important.
05 "Enchanted Statues" When a nasty magic user captures Diablo and turns him into a statue that he puts up for sale, Maleficent goes after him in order to get her "Pet" back and see to it that this crook gets whats coming to him when he messes with a wicked fairy.
06 "Human for a Day" When Stefan tells Maleficent she is too dependent on magic, She decides to prove herself she can manage without magic by turning into a human and stripping away her own powers for a day. She takes up servant work in the castle and soon realizes that the life of a human is not as easy as she thought it would be.
07 "Here Comes the Witch" Its a joyful day, or is it? Stefan's father is getting married to a beautiful woman but Maleficent gets suspicious when she notices everyone in the kingdom is acting strange, almost as if they are under a spell.