There has been a lot of word going on about Frozen getting a sequel and since then I've been thinking about it myself and came up with a rough idea of how the story would go in my vision, so here it is...

I also have Ideas for a title so here they are:



Set a few months after the events of the first film, it is Christmas time in the kingdom of Arendelle and Elsa and Anna are out playing in the snow. Their bond remains strong and are as close as they were as kids. Elsa is in more control of her ice powers and doing fine as Queen. Over the past few months she has learnt new magical skills and has created a winter playground for the children of the kingdom.

One day they build a snowgirl and they call her Oli and Olaf takes a liking to her even though she's not alive. The two sister's fun is interrupted when Elsa's duties are called. Anna goes to the village and meets up with Kristoff who is for some reason feeling nervous to see her. He's trying to propose to Anna only to discover that the ring he has happens to have fallen out of his pocket and is rolling away into the village. He chases after it and gets it back.

At the Christmas Ball, Elsa and Anna are greeted by many guests from different kingdoms including some from the Southern Isles. They meet some of Hans' elder brothers who are very sorry for Hans' actions against the two of them but the two sisters don't blame them.

Elsa meets up with Kristoff in private and he confesses about his attempted proposal to Anna. He at first thinks Elsa will not allow this but to his surprise she does. She know Anna and Kristoff's relationship is true love and tells him to go out there and make his move.

Suddenly the castle is attacked by a cloaked figure with magical flaming abilities. Elsa tries to fend off the stranger with her ice magic but is out matched by the stranger's fire magic and kidnaps Kristoff.

Anna is determined to go and rescue him. Elsa volunteers to come along and so does Olaf and Sven. Once dressed in warm things they ride off into the cold winter night.

On this perilous journey the two sisters encounter many things, wild bears, funny people and not just Marshmallow but also meet Oli the Snowgirl.

Their journey leads them to a mountain where Kristoff is being kept and they meet the cloaked stranger named Tricia who is a lot like Elsa. Born with magical powers but was cast out of her own home and seen as a monster because she was different. Tricia who possesses the power of fire plans to lead a revolution and wants Elsa to join her. To persuade her, she kidnapped Kristoff thinking he was her loved one hoping to use him against her.

Even after she finds out that Kristoff is in fact Anna's loved one she still holds him against the two sisters, if Elsa chooses to join Tricia she will let Kristoff and Anna go, if she refuses Tricia will melt his heart, the very opposite of when Elsa accidentally froze Anna's heart.

At the end Tricia is defeated, Anna and Elsa rescue Kristoff and return to Arendelle. Kristoff finally proposes to Anna, Olaf wins Oli's heart and the kingdom celebrates Christmas.