2016 is definitely going to be another big year for Disney, meaning there will be many themes for me to design in honour of new movies, shows and events. Usually I keep my designs to myself until the big event, but this time I have decided to give you guys a sneak peek of what to expect in the future.

Note: these themes are still in development and are not the final designs. They will probably change over time.

Preview Movie/Event Publish Date Status
Wikia Theme (Zootopia)
Zootopia February 28 Final Design
Wikia Theme (The Jungle Book)
The Jungle Book April 10 Final Design
Wikia Theme (Captain America Civil War)
Captain America: Civil War May 1 Final Design
Wikia Theme (Alice Through the Looking Glass)
Alice Through the Looking Glass May 22 Designed Cancelled
Wikia Theme (Finding Dory)
Finding Dory June 12 Final Design
No Image Pete's Dragon August 7 Design was complete
Wikia Theme (Doctor Strange)
Doctor Strange October 30 Final Design
Wikia Theme (Moana)
Moana November 20 Final Design
Wikia Theme (Rogue One)
Rogue One December 11 Final Design