You know? If Disney would or could think of getting the theme park rights to other animated films that are not produced by Disney and/or Pixar to their theme parks, particularly Walt Disney World, it would be cool to have attractions that are based on non-Disney animated stuff there than what Disney usually create attractions that are based on their own cartoons and animated films. Like for example, in my mind, Disney could make attractions and rides that are based on three of non-Disney animated films for their parks like a Splash Mountain-style water ride that would be based on 20th Century Fox's "Ice Age" franchise for Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Tokyo DisneySea at Tokyo Disneyland Resort, a 3D simulator ride that would be based on Sony's Columbia Pictures' "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and it's sequel for Walt Disney World's EPCOT (after replacing the defaulted Wonders of Life pavilion) and Disneyland, and a musical stage show that would be based on Warner Brothers' "Happy Feet" franchise for Disney's Hollywood Studios (formally known as Disney-MGM Studios) at Walt Disney World after replacing the Disney Junior-themed stage show.