After the fact Disney bought out Marvel 6 years ago, we know today that Disney is currently working on to make their first Marvel attractions to their parks in California and overseas. In my opinion, although I never been to other Disney parks outside from Florida, where I live, before, I think those Marvel attractions at Disney will be a smash hit if it happens in the future, and pretty much so much better than Universal's Marvel attractions in Orlando and Japan. Speaking of which, I still wish that Universal should of end the Marvel's deal and close down their Marvel attractions from their parks in Florida and Japan for good, so Disney can use the Marvel license for their Florida and Japan parks in no time, and I don't care that both Universal and Marvel already made their licensing deal before Disney owned Marvel, Because you do know that Universal can't use the rights of other Disney characters to their parks since Disney already has their own parks, for exemple, Universal can't use Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Frozen, Disney Channels, ABC, ESPN, The Lion King, Big Hero 6 (especially), etc., especially that Disney already has Walt Disney World in Florida, the same place where Universal Orlando is located, and even the case that both Disney and Universal are consider the major rivals of theme parks. And I know Universal can still license other companies' franchises to their parks as attractions, all except the ones from The Walt Disney Company. And even Disney can do the same thing too by licensing other companies' stuff to their parks, all but Universal stuff. I know what's best about Disney and Universal and I know what's best about the reason for this is because not of those companies has their theme parks, but Disney and Universal, who are the two of the only movie, entertainment and media companies who has their theme parks. So it's up to either Disney or Universal can do the job by licensing other franchises and characters from their rivals and translate them into theme park attractions, since that's a case.

Anyways, I would accept the fact for Marvel to stay at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Japan, if Disney would able to close down their Florida and Japanese parks so they could go third-party for Universal to bring Disney-theme attractions and as well as bring Disney characters exclusively to Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Japan (which would be really cool to have Disney at Universal, but of course that's never going to happen since those two Disney parks in Orlando and Japan are still popular), or maybe Marvel could go back as an independent company, as the way they used to, from Disney.

Or instead, better yet, if I could someday open my independent company to make my own superheroes in the future, which they would be competitors to Marvel and DC Comics, I could let Universal to have my permission to use the rights of my superheroes to translate them into theme parks attractions to replace their Marvel attractions, if my superheroes gets popular, and although this doesn't mean that I have to give up my superhero licenses, they'll still be my property.

So what did you think about my thoughts? Comment please.