I came up with my fan-made possible idea of what Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be in the future. In my head, it will be renamed into Disney-Turner Movieverse which will be jointly owned by Disney and Turner (a TimeWarner company) and themed to movies and TV shows from Disney, Turner and others. And I even made a my fan-made idea list of lands attractions, etc. that I hope you will enjoy looking at those.

    * = still remain

      % = already existed

       # = from rumors

Hollywood Boulevard (%, *)


The Great Movie Ride (%, *) – a dark ride where guest can ride through the sense from the greatest classic films of all times.

ABC Experience – an interactive attractions where guest can experience the history and upcoming events of the channel ABC

Cops: The Ride – a simulator/dark ride based on Fox’s reality TV show Cops.


Meet n’ Greets:

Meet Mickey and Friends – featuring characters from the Mickey Mouse universe.

Disney Stars Zone – featuring Disney’s animated film characters including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Frozen, and Aladdin.

Meet Indiana Jones


Snacks & Restaurants:

The Hollywood Brown Derby (%, *)

Disney Animation Appetite – a character dining restaurant inspired by Disney and Pixar’s animated films

ABC Commissary (%, *)

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant(%, *) – inspired by classic Sci-Fi films

Sweet Success (%, *)


Crossroads of the World (%, *)

Oscar's Classic Car Souvenirs (%, *)

Celebrity 5 & 10 (%, *)

Cover Story (%, *)

The Darkroom (%, *)

Edith & Adrian's Head to Toe (%, *)

Keystone Clothiers (%, *)

L.A. Prop Cinema Storage (%, *)

Mickey's of Hollywood (%, *)

ABC Store

Animation Gallery (%, *, but move to Hollywood Boulevard)

Planet Hollywood Super Store (%, *)


Turner Street


Cartoon Network Universe Blast – a 3D IMAX film ride based on Cartoon Network shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Over the Garden Wall: The Play Zone – an outdoor kids’ playground based on Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall.

CNN Centre – an interactive attraction inspired by Turner’s CNN channel where guest can be the new casters.


Meet ‘n Greets:

Cartoon Network Character Zone – featuring characters from popular CN shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, etc.


Snacks & Restaurants:

Chowder’s – based on CN’s Chowder.

Cheezer’s – based on a fictional restaurant of the same name from Regular Show.

TBS Café – inspired by TBS channel.



Turner Shop

Cartoon Network Shoppin’


Showbiz Zone


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (%, *) – a drop tower ride based on the show The Twilight Zone.

Rockin’ n Roller Coaster with Aerosmith (%, *) – an indoor rollercoaster featuring Aerosmith.

Fantasmic (%, *) – a nighttime fountain show


Snacks & Restaurants:

Fantasmic Food Offering (%, *)



Rock Around the Shop (%, *)

Tower Hotel Gifts (%, *)

Villians in Vogue (%, *)


Disney Junior Village


Disney Junior Live on Stage (%, *) – a musical revue show featuring characters from Disney Junior shows.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – an indoor play area for kids based on a show of the same name.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: The Play Ship – a water playground based on the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

The Little Einstein Rockets – a child-size Dumbo-alike ride based on a show Little Einstein.


Meet ‘n Greets:

Meet Princess Sofia the First

Meet the Disney Junior Friends – featuring characters from Disney Junior shows


Snacks & Restaurants:

Disney Junior Healthy Snack Stand – only serves healthy food like veggies and fruits



Disney Junior Supplies


World of Oz


Journey to the Wizard of Oz – a dark ride based MGM’s 1939 film Wizard of Oz (though I know that’s already been added in The Great Movie Ride attraction)

The Munchkins’ Play Village – a children’s playground themed around the Munchkin Village


Meet n’ Greets:

Meet Dorothy and Oz Friends


Snacks & Restaurants:

Oz Candy Shop

Wizardry Eatery



Oz Store


Star Wars Universe (#)


Star Tours —The Adventures Continue (%, *) – a motion simulator ride based on the Star Wars trilogy.

Jedi Training Academy (%, *) – an interactive stage show

Ewok Village – a kids’ play area themed around the franchise’s fictional village of the same name


Meet n’ Greets:

Star Wars Characters Zone – featuring characters from the Star Wars trilogy.


Snacks & Restaurants:

Mos Eisley Cantina

Skywalker Snacks



Tatooine Traders (%, *)

Muppet Land


Muppet-Vision 3D (%, *) – a 3D film featuring the Muppets.

Waka Waka! The Fozzie Bear’s Comedy Show – an interactive stage show featuring Fozzie Bear.

The Great Gonzo Coaster! – a family rollercoaster hosted by The Great Gonzo.


Meet n’ Greets:

Meet the Muppets!


Snacks & Restaurants:

Swedish Chef’s Kitchen



Stage One Company Store (%, *) – sells Muppet-related merchandise


Pixar Place (%, *)


Toy Story Mania (%, *) – an interactive 3D simulator/dark ride featuring Toy Story characters.

Monsters Inc.: The Ride (#) – an indoor rollercoaster based on Monsters Inc.


Meet n’ Greets:

Meet the Pixar Pals – featuring characters from Pixar franchises


Snacks & Restaurants:

Hey Howdy Hey Take Away (%, *)



Pixar Store

Toy Story Midway Mania Shop (%, *)

Monsters Inc. Shopping Floor


Cars Land (%,#)


Radiator Springs Racers (%,#) – a indoor/outdoor ride based on Cars franchise.

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (%,#) – a spinning teacup ride featuring those baby tractors from the first film.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters (%,#) - Flying Saucers-alike attraction.


Meet n’ Greets:

Meet Lightning McQueen and Mater


Snacks & Restaurants:

Cozy Cone Motel (%,#)

Flo's V8 Café (%,#)

Fillmore's Taste-in (%,#)



Ramone's House of Body Art (%,#)

Sarge's Surplus Hut (%,#)

Radiator Springs Curios (%,#)

What would you think? Will that be possible if Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to name-change and have some new attractions at some point? Why or why not? Please comment.